Best Flushing Toilets

Is Toilet Tank Water Potable? Can You Drink It?

Is it safe to drink toilet tank water? It’s a pretty common question. This is because some people think about what to do if their well runs dry during an emergency.  Complete survivalists want alternatives, and campers who are out in the wild often face the same questions.  Today’s modern toilets are water-efficient. Thanks to … Read more

Everyday Toilet Care & Maintenance Tips

Flushing a toilet is one of the most natural things in the world, but for many people, flushing is also a source of confusion. This article provides some simple information about how to flush a toilet properly and about how to avoid some common mistakes that waste water and clog toilets. If your toilet isn’t … Read more

How Does Toilet’s Siphon Work?

Have you ever wondered how the siphon toilet flush works? If so, look no further! Initially, water is pumped into the holding tank. The tank is divided in half by a large diameter pipe. The upper half of the tank is connected to the bowl. The toilet bowl has an outlet that leads to the … Read more