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Is Toilet Tank Water Potable? Can You Drink It?

Is it safe to drink toilet tank water? It’s a pretty common question.

This is because some people think about what to do if their well runs dry during an emergency.

 Complete survivalists want alternatives, and campers who are out in the wild often face the same questions. 

Today’s modern toilets are water-efficient. Thanks to EPA water-sense certification. So if you ever find yourself in an emergency, then drinking out of the toilet tank might be the best option you have.

Here in this article, we have discussed how toilet tank water is safe, why on some occasions it is unsafe to drink it, and how to make non-potable water in the tank safe for drinking.

Yes, toilet tank water is safe to drink.

The water from your toilet is potable, as it comes from the same source of freshwater as all other potable water sources in your house.

And convention toilet ensures water replenishing every time you flush.

Though a little mold or algae may grow in a toilet tank, it is unlikely to cause you any harm. 

Therefore, you can get drink water from the toilet tank in an emergency or if the water delivery is cut off.

BUT… just how clean is the inside of the toilet tank? 

This is because the tank’s outside has a smooth ceramic glazing. Whereas, the inside not.

So just because the inside has a porous surface, it means that the tank’s interior has microscopic holes in it that let dangerous bacteria live deep inside it.

This means exposure to dirty water will make the tank a breeding site for bacteria. Take for instance, bricks.

I mean, there’s a 90% chance that the toilet tank is repaired or has been touched by someone’s dirty hands. So can you be 100% sure those hands were clean?

Also, toilet tank water is safe to drink if the toilet is flushed with potable/regular tap water. Besides, toilet tank water is unsafe if the water is not potable, which is sometimes the case in beach/lakeside bathrooms that are flushed with ocean/river/roof water. Or in the case of other alternative sourced/water-saving circumstances.

Making Toilet Water Safe For Drinking, if not

Boiling is the safest way to make water safe for drinking. Heat water to a rolling boil for 1 full minute to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

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