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The Best Flushing Toilets of 2024: Reviewed & Tested!

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Looking for the best flushing toilet? Me, Bob Peterson, and my local plumbing experts have compiled a list of the best flushing toilets on the market right now. These toilets not only look good in the bathroom, but are also very easy to use, comfortable to sit on, help save water, and above all… have the power to flush large stools with ease.

Our Top Picks


Kohler K35050 Wellworth Best Pressure Assist

Best Cheap Toilet

Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

The Most Strong

Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage Toilet

Best Two Piece Toilet


Best One Piece Toilet

KOHLER 381047 Santa Rosa

Best Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush

Best Bidet Toilet

KOHLER K54010 Veil Bidet Toilet

Best Macerating Toilet

Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet

Best Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Best Elongated Toilet

TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

Best 1.28 GPF Toilet

TOTO Vespin Two Piece

Best Compact Toilet

American Standard 215FA004.020

Best Toilet for Short People

American Standard Baby Devoro FloWise

Best Corner Toilet

Sheffield Renovators Supply Corner Toilet

Best Stain Resistant Toilet

Toto UltraMax 2 Toilet

Best Gravity Flush Toilet

Toto Willingham

Best Toilet for Rental Property

Glacier Bay toilets


Kohler K35050 Wellworth Best Pressure Assist

1. Kohler K35050 Wellworth Best Pressure Assist

Kohler K35050 Wellworth Best Pressure Assist

The Kohler K35050 Wellworth Classic is our favorite pressure-assist flushing toilet. The toilet works on Kohler’s advanced pressure-assisted flushing technology called the Class Five®. It works outstandingly for a 1.4 gpf unit, swallowing large stools in just a single flush.

In addition to its excellent flushing mechanism, Kohler’s Wellworth Classic incorporates a complementary elongated bowl shape to deliver convenience and compliment any bathroom theme. The degree of comfort is further optimized by granting it an optimal 17-inches seating height for easy getting on and off the toilet without excessive bending. The item is sold in four distinct colors: black, white, almond, and biscuit.




What Plumber Say's About Kohler

The Kohler K35050 packs a pressurized box in its tank, that creates pressure within the toilet and enables water to rush with maximum intensity in the bowl.

We have scoured through dozens of consumer reviews regarding this product, and have found that almost 99% of customers are extremely satisfied with the purchase. For instance, the toilet has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon, depicting how good it is in terms of specifications and powerful flushing performance. The only downside is the loud flushing noise, but it can be ignored as long as the product is flushing everything without clogging.

Elongated in shape with glossy white coating, the Kohler K35050 Toilet looks nice in the bathroom.

A majority of plumbers have appreciated the toilet and have termed it one of the best toilets for buyers who wish to purchase a top-quality pressure-assisted toilet. Some other good things from a plumber’s perspective are that the Kohler K35050 is available in 3-different rough-in sizes: 10″, 12″, and 14″. Secondly, it features a fast, foolproof, and leakage-free installation system.

2. Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

The Toto CST243 is a modern two-piece circular-styled toilet. It is by far one of the cheapest toilets that you can get at the moment, while also enjoying decent flushing quality. It has a wide and chair-heightened seat, thus offering accessibility and decent seating for obese people. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This makes it a perfect option for budget-oriented homeowners who want full flushing efficiency, while still saving money on their water bills in the process.

Toto CST243 Entrada produces an efficient flush for cleaning with its E-max Flushing technology. There is a 3″ deep flush valve inside the toilet tank, an extra-long siphon jet, and a large trapway. Everything this combines to empty the toilet bowl quickly independent of the solidity of the waste.

This cheap flushing toilet is also very silent in its operation, compared to other models. It means you can use it without disrupting other household members with the loud flushing noise. If you’ve got somebody that plugs the toilet in your home or you’re trying to say good-bye to the plunger everlastingly or you just want a simple yet efficient toilet – the Toto CST243 is the prime choice!





What Plumber Say's About Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

Installed Toto CST243 at a client’s place. Perfectly got mounted in place of the old toilet. A bit complicated to install, but performance is outstanding for its low price.

Toto Entrada is one of the market’s cheapest toilets with the best performance. The product boasts Amazon’s 4.3-star ranking and is included in Amazon’s Top Pick. About 90% of purchasers are highly pleased with the order. They claim that Toto CST Entrada has stopped the daily blockages and limited water usage. Users have also praised its convenient seating height.

It does not come with a seat, so the owner additionally purchased a new one.

Besides all this, there are several departments in which the product has not been able to please its customers. The greatest inconvenience for consumers is that the seat is not provided and must be bought separately. Plus, if you tend to splash the toilet with your feces then prepare to clean it with extra water or wash the surface since the water from the flush does not hit a lot of places except for the central lower bowl.

Plumbers have termed Toto CST243 as an ideal toilet for those who want clog-free flushing performance without breaking their bank.

According to a plumber’s perspective, what I and other plumbers liked about this toilet is the Vitreous China enamel coating. This coating is done on the porcelain to make the porcelain more durable, denser, shinier, and resistant to damages. It is also ADA compliant and abides by the regulations of EPA WaterSense, California’s CEC, and CALGreen.

As far as its installation is concerned, (I have personally installed this toilet several times for my clients), so from my point of view, it isn’t a breeze to install. Proper expertise, along with additionally purchased items such as wax ring, mounting bolts, and water supply lines are needed.

3. Most Powerful Flush: Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage Toilet

Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage Toilet

It is the BIG BOSS of the toilet industry and has been widely valued by consumers for its extra efficient flushing. The commodity is ideally designed for bathrooms in commercial regions such as malls or bathrooms which get a high volume of back-to-back visitors.

Starting with the specs, the best feature that helps this device surpass all other toilets is its strong, pressure-assisted EcoFlush technology. The Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage uses 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf).

No matter how tough the waste is, or how many people use the toilet one after the other, the Zurn Z5560 uses its pressure-aided siphon jet flush to discard waste deep into the drain lines without stopping. The flushing pressure ranges between 20 psi and 80 psi (higher than the average 30 psi). With such an efficient flushing system, a spotlessly-clean toilet bowl is always ensured.

This toilet is so strong that it is ideal for usage in heavy traffic environments, where many people often use the toilet. It is also suitable for big families residing in tiny households where a single bathroom is shared by many family members.




What Plumber Say's About Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

The Zurn Z5560 has good consumer reviews both on Amazon and Home Depot. Customers love the high-powered flushing of this product, saying it effectively flushes waste and leaves the bowl fresh and stain-free. The operational pressure range is also the largest in this category. Also, many people say the flushing process of this toilet is much quieter than most other models.

The dimensions of Zurn Z5560 accommodate a wide range of users.

Being a plumber and a self-witness of Zurn Z5560 in action, I am impressed by its flushing power and the ability to flush large stools through the drain line without stopping or clogging. Its installation is easy. Also, the dimensions are good and ones with back or knee pain will love the seating height.

From my plumbing experience, I did find the seat gives a bit of a commercial feel, but that’s something not worthy to be considered in comparison to the toilet’s powerful flushing performance.



If you’ve read the reviews online, then you probably know that the Toto Drake II is by far one of the most efficient two-piece best bathroom toilet models you can currently get. This particular model uses only a single gallon of water per flush, meaning that the bulk of waste is gone without having to worry about flushing the toilet again. Because of that, the Toto Drake II is a great choice for those who require maximum flushing performance and want to also save money on their water bill in the process.

Unlike other models, the Drake II is also very quiet at night, meaning that you can use it without having to worry about disturbing everyone else living with you. For total comfort, it is ADA compliant, meaning that both disabled persons and elders can stand or sit on it without exerting too much pressure on their knees or back.

Now when it comes to its looks, everyone will agree that the Toto Drake II has a very impressive design that’s going to complement any bathroom it’s used in. Since it’s quite slim, it can easily fit in a wide range of bathrooms. Installing it is very simple and it can be done in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.




What Plumber Say's About Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

The TOTO Drake comes in a dual attachment – the bowl and the tank.

The TOTO CST454CEFG#01 has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon. Hundreds of customers shared their deep satisfaction with the purchase of this two-piece toilet seat. Customers claim that this toilet creates a quick, powerful whirlpool that empties the bowl better than conventional multi-hole toilets. No matter how many times you bring it to the test, it does not clog.

The buyers of this Toto model also say that this toilet refills super quickly. And because the tank is not fully drained after each flush, if you ever have to do back-to-back 2x flushes in a row for whatever excuse (you definitely won’t), you won’t have to wait for the tank to refill.

For total comfort, the TOTO Drake is ADA compliant, meaning that both disabled persons and elders can stand or sit on it.

The toilet flushes with a double cyclone. The two outlets produce swirling water, eliminating the old-fashioned cleaning by the rim jet. Plus, if you’re on a successful mission to eliminate water consumption, then toilets like this would certainly help you accomplish that aim.

Concerning the flushing noise, consumers say it’s not super silent, but they grin every time they hear the huge whoosh, feeling relieved from daily hassles with the toilet plunger and the snake. You simply push down the handle and the waste disappears instantly.

The Toto Drake II has an impressive design that’s going to complement any bathroom it’s used in.

From a plumber’s perspective, the TOTO Drake II is a pretty decent two-piece elongated toilet with strong tornado flush technology (that literally lives up to its name). It has a 3″ flush valve, a 2 1/8″ trapway with additional siphon power at the trap, and a 12-inch rough-in.

Installation is a breeze. I have personally mounted this toilet at several residences across the Americas and never faced any complications in the installation process.

The inside flushing machinery of TOTO Drake 2-Piece toilet.

As long as I have worked with this toilet, all I can say is that it is a small, compact toilet, yet still extremely powerful to get the job done. I also really liked its no rim look, which means no more hassles of clogged rim jets and no more elbow grease required for cleaning the inner rims.

I have installed the TOTO Drake 2-piece at many homes and apartments, and to date, I don’t remember any complaints of it clogging up. The only exception is its sana-gloss coating, which is good but can’t withstand harsh toilet cleaners. So avoid commercial cleaners (especially on the outer toilet areas) to prevent them from staining or losing their milky-white shine.

5.Best One Piece Toilet : KOHLER 381047 Santa Rosa

KOHLER 381047 Santa Rosa

Kohler Santa Rosa delivers the excellent versatility that you anticipate from Kohler, along with a sleek one-piece footprint. It has a streamlined tank and bowl configuration, which is simpler to clean than two-piece toilets that are larger and heavier.

Its 1.28-gallon high-efficiency flush offers up to 16,500 gallons a year of substantial water savings. And the AquaPiston canister enables water to pour from all sides into the bowl, thus providing a stronger, improved flush. This ensures that even small bathrooms can be converted into a well-designed, cozy, functional space without having to give up the features required for strong flushing performance.




What Plumber Say's About Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

The Kohler 3810-47 has an Amazon ranking of 4.4 stars. Customers say that Santa Rosa’s one-piece bathroom style brings a modern look to their bathroom setting while saving space with a small, elongated bowl. The chair-height makes it simple to use. Customers have also lauded the availability of this bathroom in several colors, and several of them have gone all praises for its elegant design, durability, and efficient flushing.

I find the weight easier to handle, so I was able to carry this toilet upstairs and put it on my own without any complications.

I recall having built two of these toilets in an apartment on the Hickory Ridge road. I find the weight easier to handle, so I was able to carry this toilet upstairs and put it on my own without any complications.

The in-tank machinery of Kohler Santa Rosa. I liked its robust canister style, which has 90 percent less exposed seal content than a 3-inch flapper, for leak-free results in the years to come.

The seat is awesome, man. Big seat. Quite comfortable. The height is awesome, too. Feels, like you’re seated on a normal chair. And it saves a lot of room. But since the toilet sits a bit higher so as a plumber, I had to make sure that the water valve line is long enough.

Nice and huge seat

The toilet measures 27-3/4 inches by 18-3/4 inches by 28-3/16 inches. Being a plumber, I liked its robust canister style, which has 90 percent less exposed seal content than a 3-inch flapper, for leak-free results in the years to come. Other prominent features I noticed in this one-piece toilet was compact elongated design, precision-engineered water delivery, fully-glazed trapway, stain-resistance coating, and load-bearing.

6. Best Dual Flush Toilet: American Standard H2Option Dual Flush

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush

We assume we have identified the best dual flush toilet for 2021 with the American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option. It’s one of American Standard’s most inexpensive toilets, but it’s also filled with fantastic features seen on more costly toilets, including the Everclean surface that holds the toilet and bowl free of mold, mildew, and streaks.

This is a double flush toilet with two water-saving yet powerful flushes. The lighter flush requires just 0.92 gallons, while the stronger flush uses 1.28 gallons. To get a strong flushing performance from the minimal water, this toilet uses a PowerWash rim to expel the waste leaving the bowl sparkling clean in just one flush.

The American Standard H2Option toilet is available in two models – a 16-inch circular round model, and an 18-inch elongated model. For tiny bathrooms, circular toilets are preferable because they won’t obstruct the entrance. However, elongated/oval toilets provide improved comfort and positioning of the bottom.

But while it is one of the cheapest toilets by the American Standard, you’ll have to apply to a seat’s expense as it doesn’t come with the package. Fortunately, it would still be way less costly than any other alternatives.




What Plumber Say's About Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada

With excellent flushing results, and the ability to choose water consumption per flush – the American Standard H2Option is a whole shebang at a small price!

The American Standard 2889218.020 is the best dual flush toilet, and that too in an affordable bracket of $200 only… something unbeatable in such a competitive price tag, I guess. It really brings shame to all lower-priced toilets and also plenty of $300 variety. I like the entire kit really well. Installation is quick and simple. A lovely and practical style. Excellent flushing results. It’s all in a toilet I was searching for. The double flush result has been consistent so far.

For certain water-saving toilets that are less effective, you simply end up using more water because you have to flush them twice more frequently than not for the proper elimination of large stools. Thus far, this one has been really consistent with having things completed in the first attempt. Would I recommend this toilet, You bet! At a decent price, it is an outstanding product. 5 stars in all!

Hello, this is me Hasen Nizami (a 10-year experienced plumber in the United Kingdom). I personally have the American Standard H2Option Dual Flush toilet installed at my personal residence in Slough for the last 3 years, and here’s what I have to say about it:


The bowl is an explanation in itself. It looks good and flushes nice. The comfort is amazing. The bowl has greater than normal bolt hole sizes, and a washer under the head or nozzle is required on each side. The installation period is about 20 minutes. Bowl quality = 5 stars.


The tank arrives with a couple of pieces to mount. It is important to place the flushing valve in the right position. A quick push and click would have it correctly installed. Made sure that the blue low-flush button above it is full-flush left and right when approaching the tank from the front. The rubber bottom gasket, 2 rubber fasteners, and 2 screws w/washer and nuts can hold this in the bowl. The supplied plastic-made wrench is helpful to tighten the nuts below the tank. You should lean on the bowl and strain a bit on both sides until it is up and down. It took about 5 minutes. Be cautious not to tighten and break any porcelain toilet components. Next, attach the water tube. I bought a new braided lined hose. For me, it’s like oil switches. You will have to adjust the oil filter. A $10 pitch is much cheaper than a filled toilet. Tank quality = 5 stars.

The bowl design of the American Standard. It looks good and flushes nice. The comfort is amazing as well.

The dual-flush mechanism inside American Standard H2’s tank.


2 nylon bolts have to be attached to the bottom of the flush buttons on the lid. The directions advise you to screw them in before they get 2-7/8 out of them. I eventually set my bolts to 3,” as the white and blue flushing valves were not completely actuated when shortened. The construction of the lid is really neat. Lid and Flushing buttons = 5 stars.


This is one of the few tanks I’ve ever seen with two float valves in it. It’s got one that prevents the tank filling valve like every other toilet. The second one begins and prevents the bowl from being overloaded.

With purple food coloring applied to the bowl water, the flushing efficiency was checked.

Had much of the color out. Just a slight amount of tint was noticeable. Acceptable, I suppose.


Was solid and longer flush. A complete flush and just plain clean bowl water. Excellent. 5 stars results.

The toilet has received a top output MaP score. This ensures that its complete flush will get rid of 1,000 g of waste, whereas 400 g of waste can be removed by its half-flush. The toilet flushes through a pressurized siphon system with water consumption up to 30% lower than the average flush. The rim emits high-pressure water as the siphon bowl draws water in. This push-and-pull blends stronger flushing behavior with less total water.

7. Best Bidet Toilet: KOHLER K54010 Veil Bidet Toilet

Best Bidet Toilet

As one of the most elegant toilets on the market, this ‘KOHLER K54010 Veil Skirted Stainless Steel Bidet Wand Toilet’ looks like it just stepped out of your favorite sci-fi flick. The Veil is one of the smartest toilets around and comes with an integrated washing system that will actually wash the inside of the bowl to keep it free from bacteria and germs. In addition to creating an elongated bowl for added comfort, KOHLER also added a built-in seat heater that you can adjust to the temperature that you like.

Though it does not use a traditional tank, the Veil will connect directly to your water line, which ensures that there is always water in the bowl and that you always have enough water to flush the bowl. The toilet features a dual flushing mechanism – 1.28 gpf and 0.8 gpf – with a direct water supply.

If you want to feel even cleaner after using the bathroom, don’t forget about the integrated bidet system that features a stainless-steel wand. This wand not only adjusts to different positions to let you change the direction of its flow, but you can also choose between different settings and adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and spray shape.

Also, you can spruce up space with this toilet since its bowl can be illuminated with colorful LED lighting. Other prominent features of this best flushing toilet are motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover by a touchscreen LCD remote.




What Plumber Say's About American Standard H2Option Dual Flush

The Kohler K54010 is surely a high-fi toilet of this decade. It features a bidet wand with adjustable water flow and an automated flushing system.

Priced at over $5000, customers say that this Bidet-integrated toilet is an excellent toilet for the elite class of the society. From amenities that give a top-notch feel to the bathroom such as LED lights inside the bowl, to qualities that give maximum comfort to the user such as climate-controlled heated seat, to features that ensure maximum hygiene such as pressure cleaning bidet wand with adjustable directions and automated flushing system – the Kohler K54010 is surely a high-fi toilet of this decade, say customers.

In my plumbing journey, I have dealt with very few similar toilets like this one (maybe because it’s too expensive). For someone wishing to experience the comfort and/or a spa type feel in their bathrooms, I surely suggest the toilet. This sophisticated thing provides multiple functions through a wireless remote with an automated, computerized system.

You no longer have to flush the dang thing or touch the flushing button or lid. Everything is automated. And the seat is always warm and dry. Driven illumination is another wonderful amenity. The washing and sterilization by the bidet is something outstanding. Dozens of wand/stream template changes such as spiral, vibration, vibration, and temperature render it so awesome and hygienic.

But a word of caution from an experienced plumber:

Since the toilet uses a direct water supply, it may not flush properly in the absence of high water pressure. So if you don’t have high water pressure in your house or have anyone in the house that always clogs the toilet, don’t purchase this pricey item because it doesn’t have any flushing function of the pressure-assisted kind.

8. Best Macerating Toilet: Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet

When you want to install a toilet in your workshop or in your garage for taking quick breaks without rushing back into your home, you need a macerating model like this Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush, which uses powerful blades to break down waste before pushing that waste into your mainline. One of the best reasons to install a model like this is because it doesn’t need to use gravity like your home toilet does. The set comes with the same tank and bowl/base that you’ll find in other sets, though you will need to install your own seat.

The included macerating tank attaches to the back of the toilet and accepts the waste that you flush when you pull the handle on the bowl. Metal blades inside this tank cut and slice the waste into finer pieces that will go through your plumbing lines without causing any clogs, and it has a pump inside that actually helps pump any of that waste into your existing system in seconds. The bright white color and all included pieces will also make this unit fit perfectly in your master bathroom or a guest bath.





What Plumber Say's About

The included macerating tank attaches to the back of the toilet.

This macerating toilet is best-rated on Amazon with an impressive user rating of 4.5 stars. Customers claim that this macerating toilet functions smoothly and that it’s not that difficult to install. The toilet seat flickers a little, but that’s acceptable as long as the powerful pump continues driving waste as far as 15 feet above and 150 feet horizontally… cheaper than tearing up concrete in the cellar. Many people have also praised the toilet’s silent flushing and acceptability for sink and shower drains.

This Saniflo macerating toilet is packed with a strong pump. It functions at 10 PSI and is capable of pushing the waste material 15 feet high and/or 150 feet horizontally.

This Saniflo macerating toilet is packed with a strong pump. It functions at 10 PSI and is capable of pushing the waste material 15 feet high and/or 150 feet horizontally, enabling you to install the toilet practically anywhere inside your home. The macerator blades rotate super-fast, producing 3,600 RPM. It makes the breakdown of the solids more effective, and you’re less likely to experience blockages.

I have personally installed the SaniPLUS for several of my clients. According to my experience, installation is easy; there are only four simple connections. These include: attaching the macerator to the horizontal outlet toilet spigot; attaching the toilet tank to the water supply line; connecting the toilet with waste discharge pipes; and connecting the pump to the power supply. You can also attach the discharge pipes optionally from the sink, shower, and/or bath.

I also discovered that the Saniflo motor is enclosed in an oil-filled enclosure. This is a positive step by the organization to guarantee the longevity of the commodity for many many years.

9. Best Composting Toilet: Nature’s Head Self Contained Toilet

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Do you wish there was a more environmentally friendly way to flush your toilet or a way to significantly cut back on the water that you waste every day? With Nature’s Head Composting, you no longer need a water supply or connection to flush, which makes this flushing toilet the best model for use in cabins and other areas without running water. Each time you flush, it sends the waste into a separate container in the back that you can then use for composting your garden or lawn, but you can dispose of the compost more healthily too.

This is one of the largest composting toilets available and has such a large container that two people can use it for up to three full weeks before they need to empty that container. It also does a good job of separating the liquid waste from the solid waste produced, which significantly reduces the smells and odors that come from the bowl, even when used in warmer climates. It has an integrated seat that the manufacturer molds onto the base and a crank that moves the waste from the bowl to the storage container.




What Plumber Say's About

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. A majority of clients suggest that this composting toilet be carefully used or as instructed by the manufacturer. Only then will it proceed to perform effectively for years. Customers claim that for two persons, it would be appropriate to drain the urine jug every other day. So, it’s kind of a commodity for a single user.

The only drawback that is mentioned by many consumers is the heavy weight of the toilet. Unless you are a big man with tons of muscle, you can never lift it on your own to empty it!

Well, none of us have ever received a call for the installation of a composting toilet… lol! And I don’t think we are ever getting such a job anytime soon… people have got smart and they do it themselves ”

However, our mate Anike Malic did have got a chance to analyze this model, and here’s what he has to say from his plumbing experience:

With Nature’s Head Composting, you no longer need a water supply or connection to flush, which makes this flushing toilet the best model for use in cabins and other areas without running water.

While most toilet composters emit bad smells, this toilet has no bad smells.

The reason?

It has a low volume air ventilation fan integrated into the head that offers the additional advantage of recycling the air around it and helps make it smell cleaner for the surrounding environment. I would recommend leaving the fan on 24/7, or all the time if possible for a completely smell-free environment.


Also, many buyers question its maintenance. Well, I personally haven’t used it, but seeing this composting toilet’s specs and features, I can give you a bit of valuable advice on its maintenance.

For two persons, the urine side should be drained every other day or so in regular everyday usage. The solids should be dumped after about 80 uses. After usage, scrub the surface with some water and a toilet brush. It’s a safe thing not to have a lot of water combined with solids.

Secondly, you can’t go wrong with its durability. This is because it was initially developed for marine use, however, its sturdy architecture and stainless hardware components have proved to be highly resilient, no matter what the setting.

10. Best Elongated Toilet: TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

The Toto Drake toilet is a high profile elongated toilet with a 12-inch rough-in and siphon jet best flushing toilets action. What this means is that no matter what you’re going to flush, it’s going to be gone without having to worry about flushing twice.

One thing that makes this model special compared to all the rest is that it uses a G-Max flushing system and comes with a larger three-inch flush valve that’s 125% wider when compared to a regular two-inch flush valve. This releases one point six gallons of water (to the bowl) in just a few seconds, but also around the rim, cleaning both of them effectively.

Taking a closer look at the bowl, you’ll realize there is an XL shaped siphon jet that effectively pushes waste into the completely glazed trapway that ensures waste is flushed without clogging. In total, it can flush nine hundred grams of waste in a single flush.

All in all, it offers excellent flushing performance, is very comfortable, has a nice and sleek design, and also boasts long term value. For the money, this is by far one of the best elongated toilets you can currently get this year.




What Plumber Say's About

This TOTO elongated toilet model has been highly valued by thousands of customers in the Americas and the UK. With an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon and 95% positive reviews, this toilet occupies an important place in the marketplace.

Customers say that they have never flushed twice after the arrival of TOTO CST744S#12 in their properties. We have heard customers swearing by its G-max flushing system, saying it can winnow out large stools in just a single flush. This 2021’s best elongated toilet has also received words of praise for being a perfect water-saving family toilet.

TOTO CST744S#12 Drake delivers strong flushing on low water consumption, comfortable seating, and durability to work within both residential and commercial applications.

I have dozens of Toto toilet installations under my belt, and the TOTO CST744S#12 is no different. The toilet gains dominance in several departments. These include strong flushing on low water consumption, comfortable seating, and durability to work within both residential and commercial applications.

From a plumber’s perspective, my favorite thing about this toilet is its wide flush valve. At 3 inches wide (125% wider than the conventional 2-inch flush valves), you are warranted to get an efficient commercial grade flushing performance. Other things large on this toilet are the siphon jet and the trapway. Combine all these, and you get an incredible flushing toilet for only using 1.6 gallons of water.

A close-up of the elongated bowl.

As regards to the noise level, you do get an initial blast of sound on pushing the chrome-plated trip lever but calm down… it’s just for a nanosecond and not too loud or violent. The tank refills in about 15 seconds.

Final Words

A word on the installation. The toilet comes with manufacturer-provided installation instructions. The directions for DIY installation are spot on and simple. So, if you have prior experience in replacing and/or installing toilets, you will find things pretty straightforward. However, make sure that you do gather some additional supplies. I remember last time when I installed this toilet, I had to obtain a wax ring and toilet mounting bolts from the hardware store.

Overall, it’s a good 1.6 gpf elongated toilet with powerful flushing. A family of 4-5, can easily save up to 50 weekly flushes (on an average), without making a sacrifice on the flushing efficiency.

11. Best Compact Toilet: American Standard 215FA004.020

American Standard baby

The American Standard 215FA004.020 is an incredible toilet that’s going to permanently change the way you think of lavatories. Not only does this American Standard toilet offer fewer clogs, high performance, and has a smart design, but is also equipped with the Cadet 3 flushing system that allows you to flush one thousand grams of solid waste in a single flush.

The elongated bowl easily fits in tight spaces. It has a PowerWash rim scrub bowl, which means that each time you flush, the PowerWash pushes the water into the drain, creating a spiral siphoning effect. The water rushes in the bowl with high-pressure air inside the rim. The air molecules in the water begin to move around with high pressure and speed, thus scrubbing the bowl clean with the power-wash.

The extra-wide three-inch flush valve is chemical resistant and given the fact it makes it easy for more water to enter the bowl faster, it makes for a much cleaner flush. Compared to a standard two-inch flush valve, the three-inch opening makes it possible for water to flow into the bowl eighty percent faster.

Like other American Standard models, this toilet uses premium-quality vitreous china material for durability and EverClean feature to avoid mold and streaks – thus enhancing hygiene. And thanks to its 5-year warranty, you can have the peace of mind that it is built for the long haul.




What Plumber Say's About

A cute, petite toilet with robust flushing. Nicely fits with its slim design into the smallest of the bathrooms!

The American Standard 215FA004.020 is cherished for its high-pressure flushing, hygiene grade material manufacturing, and compact design. A majority of the customers have expressed their satisfaction with the purchase, and that’s really sort of obvious for an American Standard Toilet.

The American Standard 215FA004.020 is pretty similar to the American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option model (reviewed above as the best dual flush toilet). The only exception: It does not feature a dual flush mechanism and it is compact compared to the H2Option model.

12. Best Toilet for Short People: American Standard Baby Devoro FloWise

Do you have a hard time sitting on most toilet seats because so many sit so high off the floor? The American Standard 2315228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise is a great option for kids, shorter users, and those who want to rest their feet flat on the floor or even get into a squatting position. A jetted bowl practically eliminates the need for regular cleaning because the jets shoot up a powerful flume of water that will remove debris trapped under the rim of the seat.

As an ultra-low consumption toilet, the Baby Devoro uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush to help you save on the water that your family wastes every day, but it is so powerful because of its jets that it will remove all the waste in the bowl in a single flush. A larger trap way inside the bowl prevents clogs and allows more waste to move away from the bowl with each flush. With a removable lid on the top of the tank, you can easily get and clean it inside too.




What Plumber Say's About

A cute, petite toilet with robust flushing. Nicely fits with its slim design into the smallest of the bathrooms!

The American Standard 215FA004.020 is cherished for its high-pressure flushing, hygiene grade material manufacturing, and compact design. A majority of the customers have expressed their satisfaction with the purchase, and that’s really sort of obvious for an American Standard Toilet.

The American Standard 215FA004.020 is pretty similar to the American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option model (reviewed above as the best dual flush toilet). The only exception: It does not feature a dual flush mechanism and it is compact compared to the H2Option model.

13. Sheffield Renovators Supply Corner Toilet

Sheffield Renovators Supply Corner Toilet

Whether creating a relaxing and comfortable guest bathroom or renovating your own small bathroom on a budget, this Sheffield Corner Toilet by Renovator’s Supply lets you create the look that you want without spending a fortune.

Many models are so large and bulky that one can overwhelm a room and make a bathroom feel tight and cramped, but this model has a space-saving design that fits right inside a corner. The tank itself has an angled design that will sit flush with the two walls that make up that corner, but the elongated toilet comes out slightly to give users of any size the space they need.

Cleaning bathrooms is a job that no one likes to do, which is why Renovator’s Supply, the company behind this model, opted for a china finish that is resistant to both stains and scratches on the inside of the bowl and on the outside of the toilet.

It has a slightly more elegant design than you might expect at this price point, which includes a chrome flushing button on the top of the tank and curved lines around the base of it, along the sides, and on the tank.




What Plumber Say's About

The Sheffield features a triangle-shaped tank, that makes the toilet fit into corner spaces.

Customers say the Sheffield Dual Flush is a perfect space-saving toilet in a tiny bath. It is simple to assemble and the double flush is excellent to conserve water. The seat and seat-cover comes free with the purchase, however, they are cheap plastic and do not suit either the toilet or the person well, so they immediately have to be replaced with a new one.

Its white vitreous Chinese (Grade-A) finish defends the commode from scratches and stains.

The Sheffield Corner Toilet is designed to be installed right in the corner of the bathroom and fits properly over a regular drainage hole. This Corner Toilet features a dual-flush push-button system, delivering 0.8 and 1.6 flow speeds. Also, the vitreous Chinese white Grade-A finish defends the commode from scratches and stains.

The Sheffield is a two-piece toilet with dual flushing system. Its skirted design aids in cleaning.

In this model, the only downsides that most plumbers have noticed are:

1). Even with a sheet of toilet paper, you have to keep down the flush button until all the water runs out of the bowl, or it only spins across the bottom of the bowl. Pushing the flush-button down for about 8 seconds seems uncomfortable + you have to notify the guests to hold the button down for complete flushing, or the waste will just stay in the bowl.

2). It doesn’t come with bolts or bolt covers. You must buy them separately.

3). There’s not enough water to rinse the bowl. There is just a little water in the bowl, about 2″ down from the rim. So, if a kid has Number Two or someone leaves streaks, you can have to clean the bowl walls.

14. Toto UltraMax 2 Toilet

Toto UltraMax 2 Toilet

The Toto Ultramax II is an impressive toilet that not only looks amazing but also comes with a nice set of features that will immediately convince you to get one… especially the powerful TOTO Tornado Flushing system that deep cleanses each corner of the toilet bowl, leaving no streaks or poop stains at all!

This is a one-piece elongated toilet which means that it integrates both a bowl and a tank in a single unit that’s very simple to clean and fits smaller bathrooms excellently. Thanks to its elongated shape, it’s especially comfortable and easy to use by the elderly and adults.

The soft close seat is not only easy to use but was also added for improved sanitation. Since it can be lowered down gently, it prevents slamming the seat and creating unnecessary noise which can be quite bothersome at night.

Another thing you’ll love about the Toto Ultramax II is that it’s ADA compliant. What does this mean? Well, it means that it was designed for use by both the elderly and people with various disabilities.

It’s built for more comfortable, easier, and safer use. There’s also the Double Cyclone Flush engine which not only helps you save a lot of money, effort, and time but makes the experience of using it that much more exciting. This model is covered by a one-year warranty.




What Plumber Say's About

The Toto UltraMax 2 looks nice as a single piece toilet in bathrooms. Here’s the one, I installed for a client.

Toto UltraMax II has earned heaps of praises in all departments. Shape, style, appearance, the efficiency of rinsing, conservation of water, longevity, hygiene, and reliability. While a majority of the customers can’t stop appreciating its cyclone flushing, the product is also cherished for its slow-close seat. Unlike most other toilets that either come with a cheap-plastic seat or not a seat at all, the UltraMax II is an exception. The toilet arrives with a pre-installed, slow-closing toilet seat with soft close hinges, a luxury manufactured seat intended to avoid those irritating toilet seat slams.

In addition, this toilet has been shown to be useful to those with back pain issues. The shape and height is a good seating spot since you don’t have to lean down as far to sit, making it easy to access the toilet and stand back up again without support. Notice that a person with a shorter stature may find the toilet too far off the ground and somewhat uncomfortable.

The toilet came packaged nice. Here’s a top view of the toilet and inside the tank.

From a handyman’s perspective, the Toto UltraMax II is one of 2021’s best toilets. This toilet follows the ADA height regulations. The flange is about 12 inches from the wall.

The Toto UltraMax II is 1.28 gpf High-Efficiency Toilet (HET). While you may think 1.28 gpf isn’t sufficient, believe me, it isn’t a problem given this toilet’s flushing power. The toilet’s tank fills instantly and quietly in around 10 seconds.

The bowl is done in SanaGloss, stopping stains, mold, and bacteria from clinging to the surface. The bowl stays clean with limited cleaning, and I believe this is the product of the combination of the SanaGloss and the double cyclone rinse. Using two strong nozzles, the Double Cyclone Flushing Mechanism produces a powerful centrifugal movement that cleans the rim and bowl deeply with each flush.

This gravity flow toilet has a wide 3-inch flush valve that enables 1.28 gallons of water to be flushed into the bowl more easily. The 1.28 gallon of water travels into the 3-inch flush valve and is circulated in three directions. One of them is through a wide siphon jet at the bottom of the chamber, which is guided straight down the glazed trap path, and the other two are through the two nozzles situated just below the edge of the bowl.

The nozzles use water more effectively than multiple tiny rim holes, and Toto states that this results in smoother rim and bowl cleaning and fewer marks that you will usually get from a lot of rim holes since the water is guided from only two positions in a radiating counterclockwise direction. Looking down on the toilet, you think of a clock, you have one nozzle in 1st spot and the other is in 8th spot, spouting water in the opposite directions.

Notice that much like the G-max versions, this toilet has a 3-inch flush valve and a large siphon jet; but, because of the more effective usage of water, the Toto UltraMax II is branded as an E-max toilet. The biggest differential is that the UltraMax uses less water and does not have rim holes but dual nozzles.

15. Best Gravity Flush Toilet: Toto Willingham

Thanks to the specially designed seat used on this TOTO MS924154F-51 Willingham One Piece with SoftClose Seat, you’ll never again jump as the seat comes slamming down because TOTO found a way to prevent that from happening and to force the seat to close more gently. That seat is perfect for use as-is, but if you prefer the functions of the more expensive TOTO toilets, you can upgrade that seat to work with an optional Washlet unit. As it uses the natural force of gravity each time it flushes, the Willingham also flushes quietly and makes less noise than similar models do.

Designed to look and feel like a standard model, including an elongated bowl, it has a lower profile and comes with a flat lid on the top of the tank with a border around the edges. That border essentially turns this tank into a shelf for your bathroom and gives you extra storage for items like spare toilet paper, vitamins, or beauty care products. TOTO offers the Willingham in three different finishes that will match the look of your bathroom, including ebony, a brighter cotton white, and a warmer and more inviting beige finish.




What Plumber Say's About

TOTO MS924154F-51 Willingham is one of the highest-ranked gravity flush toilets on the web. Voted 5-stars on Amazon, the product is esteemed for its royal and shiny black appearance, easy-to-maintain one-piece design, 17-inch comfort height, and robust gravity flushing performance.

As a plumber, I didn’t find anything disappointing regarding this toilet. Its gravity flushing system produces a powerful and quiet flush every time. And both solid and liquid waste, including toilet papers, are flushed without clogs. The only problem I faced when installing this unit was its heavy weight. Weighing over 40 kgs (88 lbs), a plumber definitely needs a helping hand to move this toilet from one spot to another.

16. Best Insultated Tank Toilet: TOTO CST743SD#01 Drake Round Toilet

Toilet: TOTO CST743SD#01 Drake Round Toilet

The toilet tank sweating leaves a damp stain on the bathroom flooring and becomes a possible slip danger. Insulated toilets are actually built to avoid this from occurring. An insulated toilet is ideal for avoiding condensation on the exterior of the tank during humid months.

If condensation is becoming a problem for you, the TOTO Drake CST743SD#01 is 2021’s best toilet with an insulated tank to deploy at your property. It’s got a circular tub and a two-piece arrangement that looks fairly simple.

The G-Max flushing system is embedded in the toilet. The mechanism provides a wide water surface area which, coupled with a large trapway and 3-inch flushing valve, maximizes water rush to the toilet when flushing. The 1.6 gallons of water is moved from the tank to the bowl by a siphonic jet motion, producing a quicker, more efficient flow of water that produces a high MaP score. Last but not least, glazing prevents waste from sticking to the bowl.

Its total measurements are 26.4 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches. A circular trapway of 2-1/8 inches in diameter would match a rough-in of 12 inches. You would need a separate seat if you do not own one.




What Plumber Say's About

The TOTO CST743SD#01 combines the TOTO C743E-01 toilet bowl along with the ST743SD-01 tank. It is a high-profile round close coupled toilet with a 12-Inch rough-in. It features a low consumption (6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf) siphon jet flushing action. The tank comes with a bolt down lid, fittings, and chrome plated trip lever. I consider it a perfect and affordable insulated toilet for homes.

How to Buy Strongest Flushing Toilet: Buyinhg Guide

Budget: Expensive or Cheap Toilet?

A big role in our everyday lives as we relieve ourselves as well as our healthy, inclusive development is played by everything relating to toilets and sanitation. A good flushing toilet is important for everyone’s health, quality of life, and personal dignity. Therefore, you should be smart with investments when it comes to purchasing a toilet.

Toilets vary in price, but all of them, both costly and inexpensive, are designed to flush waste. But why are some more costly than others, even when their fundamental functions are the same? It all comes down to the built quality, flushing mechanism, and secondary features such as color, surface finish, warranty, and comfort height.

High-end toilets, such as the Kohler K35050 and Zurn Z5560, are on the pricey side. This is due to the fact that they have clog-free, pressure-assist flushing technology and are powerful enough to flush huge stools with just 1.4 gallons of water. Also is the TOTO CST454CEFG#01 DRAKE II, which has a sanagloss finish for a stain-free and easy-to-clean toilet bowl.

Cheap ones like the Glacier Bay and Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada don’t have the high-end bells and whistles, but they still deliever a decent flushing performance throughout. The sole disadvantage of choosing inexpensive toilets is their substandard construction and lack of sophisticated features. The American Standard H2Option, for example, is reasonably priced, but the seat is not included and must be purchased separately. The CST243EF#01 Entrada is TOTO’s most affordable toilet, however when flushed, the water does not reach the full toilet bowl, necessitating manual cleaning of the untouched parts with additional water.

While there are many low-cost alternatives, the high-tech versions may be rather costly. So, decide on a price range and features you would like and it will make your life so much easier.

Toilet Shape: Elongated vs Round?

There are many who argue for and against the use of round vs elongated toilet bowls. Some argue that round is preferable, while others argue that elongated is superior. There are advantages and disadvantages to both kinds depending on your requirements. What some see as a benefit may be seen as a drawback by others. Knowing your toilet’s purpose is essential when searching for a new one.

Most experts agree that elongated toilets are more convenient for adults. The bowl’s form is also much better for males, providing them with more room where it is most needed. The slanted angle within the bowl, which helps avoid splashback, is also appreciated by men. However, their disadvantage is that they are not suited for small children under the age of five. They are unable to sit all the way back, and their excrement often falls onto the front slope rather than into the water. This entails cleaning the interior of the toilet on a more regular basis.

The advantages of round toilets are mostly related to their size. They are a preferable solution for tiny bathrooms due to their reduced footprint (extending from the wall to the front of the toilet). Furthermore, youngsters find it simpler to use them. Some feel that the bowl’s circular form also aids in effective flushing, however this hasn’t yet been scientifically proven.

Toilet Type: One-Piece or Two-Piece?

When you are choosing the perfect toilet for your house, you must consider factors such as whether a two-piece or one-piece commode is better. The traditional two-piece toilet, which has a separate tank and bowl, has been used in households for many years, but one-piece toilets, which are constructed by merging the tank and bowl into one unit, provide space-saving flexibility. I have emphasized the key advantages and disadvantages of each design below, which will allow you to pick the perfect toilet for your house and budget.


It is simpler to clean a one-piece toilet without joints or gaps since there are less areas for dirt to hide. The tank fits into a two-piece toilet at the bowl. Dirt and germs may be built up in the crevices, making cleaning difficult without the toilet being disassembled.

Long-term Sustainability

There is no difference in terms of internal elements, such as flushing mechanisms, between one-piece and two-piece toilets. While a one-piece toilet has no separate body components that might break off and leak, there is the possibility of leakage between the tank and bowl in two-piece toilets. Additionally, this decreases the likelihood of their cracking, which may extend the longevity of the one-piece toilet.

Versatility & Installation

Because one-piece toilets are heavy and bulky, successful installation usually need the assistance of at least two persons. With a two-piece toilet, the bowl and tank are installed separately, and these lightweight components are easy for one person to handle. On the other hand, a one-piece toilet eliminates the possibility of damaging the porcelain when attempting to connect the tank to the bowl. Additionally, two-piece toilets often do not have wax rings or seats, while one-piece toilets do. In compact settings, a one-piece toilet, which is also available in wall-mount forms, may be preferred.

Skirted Side Toilets

The skirted vs. non-skirted sides of toilets are another aspect of their design and operation. You may have noticed that a lot of toilets are now being released with skirted sides. The advent of the toilet with its intestinal tract situated on the side has forced everyone to recognize how filthy it becomes. They collect dust and other debris. Fortunately with skirted side toilets, cleaning is a breeze. Also, this is a reasonably priced amenity. They’re a little more complicated to install, but they’re absolutely worth considering if you want an easy-to-clean environment.

Flushing Mechanism

After you’ve decided on the size, shape, and design, look for a toilet that flushes effectively. The toilet might be really gorgeous, but if it doesn’t flush, it’s useless.

Prior to 1994, the average toilet flushed with 3.5 gallons of water. In an attempt to save resources, local governments of different states lowered the quantity of water consumed per flush to a max of 1.6 gallons only. Since then, manufacturers have produced low-flow toilets that operate effectively, whether utilizing a gravity or power-assisted flush.

However, just like any other product, some toilets perform better than others. To select the best flushing toilet of 2021, check our evaluations of the top flushing toilets mentioned above.

Many manufacturers provide dual-flush toilets to customers who want to save even more water and lower their water bills. These devices normally include top-mounted buttons, including one that distinguishes between a number one and a number two flush. You’re aware of what it entails. The number one will flush the toilet with less water. As a result, there’s an extra water-saving benefit. Some of the newest dual flush toilets now feature a side rotary lever, leaving the toilet top space empty for keeping bath accessories.


You’ve probably heard of comfort height toilets and universal height toilets. Typically, as you age, your knees get less flexible and strong. Most often, individuals choose a comfortable height toilet, which is approximately an inch and a half or so taller than a regular height toilet to make getting on and off the toilet simpler. To put it another way, that’s what you’d call a comfort height toilet. People with hip and knee surgeries also choose comfort height toilets, since there’s less bending involved.


Recent toilet innovations such as bidets clean your buttocks better than toilet paper and reduce your chance of contracting buttitch or hemorrhoids. Other upgrades like soft-closing toilet seats shut close without slamming, and automatic seat occupancy sensors that automatically detect whether the seat is used and seat covers that are always lowered after use. The third innovative addition for regions that have very cold climates is installing heated toilet seats. Also there are are glassy finished toilets that simplify cleaning. All these add-ones aren’t necessary, they are just luxuries that add a level of comfort and enjoyment to life.

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