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How Does Toilet’s Siphon Work?

Have you ever wondered how the siphon toilet flush works? If so, look no further!

Initially, water is pumped into the holding tank. The tank is divided in half by a large diameter pipe. The upper half of the tank is connected to the bowl.

The toilet bowl has an outlet that leads to the sewer system. When you flush your toilet, it flushes water from the bowl into a connecting pipe under your house or apartment. This pipe carries the waste water to a sewage treatment plant through a series of smaller pipes called “laterals.” The pipe also has a trap near the bottom that ensures that no sewage gas can escape from your house through this vertical pipe.

This set up allows for an easy and clean way to dispose of waste water from your home. However, this system only works when there is adequate water pressure in your home’s plumbing system. If that pressure isn’t present, you may experience problems with your toilet not flushing all the way or not flushing at all!

Some homeowners add an attachment to their toilets that creates pressure in their systems using air instead of water. This helps alleviate problems with low pressure situations and results in a flusher that works almost all of the time.


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