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How Much Does A Toilet Weigh?

On average, one-piece bathrooms weigh about 90 pounds, while two-piece bathrooms weigh about 55 pounds. Nonetheless, multiple toilets are made differently, because their weight ranges from one type to another. The weight, for example, would rely on the configuration, nature, and material of the toilet. As such, a one-piece toilet has a distinct weight than a two-piece toilet.

The Weight of One-Piece Toilet [88 to 110 lbs.]

The toilet bowl and tank have one-piece toilets combined together into one integrated device that has to be shipped and assembled together.

They are, as such, heavier than two-piece bathrooms. A basic one-piece toilet will weigh between 88 and 110 pounds on average.

The American Standard Champion 4 one-piece toilet, for example, weighs 119 pounds, while the one-piece Toto Ultramax II toilet weighs 99 pounds.

The Weight of Two-Piece Toilet [80 to 100 lbs.]

These come in two big pieces, the tank and the cup. Both of the two items is lighter than a one-piece toilet.

Of the two elements, the toilet bowl is heavier than the tank. The toilet bowl of a two-piece toilet weights, on average, 50 to 60 pounds.

There are toilet bowls, too, which are as light as 35 pounds. The weight of the tank ranges from one type to another of a two-piece toilet. On average, it can weigh somewhere between 25 and 40 pounds, accounting for around 1/3 of the overall toilet weight.

The tank and bowl of such a toilet would weigh about 80 pounds when combined. The Toto Drake two-piece toilet, which weights 87 pounds, is a fine example of a two-piece toilet.

The Weight of Wall-Hung Toilet [550 to 75 lbs.]

These toilets can, as the name implies, be mounted on a bathroom wall in a hanging place. These units are rendered lighter than conventional toilets in order to enable the safe installation of the toilet.

Though many factors decide their weight, a typical wall-hung toilet weights 55 to 75 pounds.

The Weight of Smart Toilet [90 to 120 lbs.]

Most smart toilets have a lightweight build, with some missing a reservoir. Smart toilet weight

In terms of that, these units can be very heavy. Some of them are much heavier than one-piece and two-piece conventional toilets.

This can be due to the numerous additional components and services, including heated benches, bidets, odor sprays, and water sprays, that they have to sell. All this extra equipment is bound to contribute more to the weight of the total toilet.

Weighing between 90 and 120 pounds, several of the leading Smart toilet styles. The Kohler Veil Intelligent toilet, for example, weights 110 pounds, while the Toto 700H will weigh as much as 123 pounds.

The Weight of a Portable Toilet [10 to 15 lbs.]

The different types of portable toilets are intended to be lightweight and reasonably quick to bring around. As such, in this guide, they are the lightest of all toilet styles mentioned. The better portable toilet models weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, on average.

Portable toilets are mostly constructed of plastic materials rather than porcelain to produce this illumination, as is the case for traditional toilets.

Some Variables Impacting the Toilet Weight

The weight of every toilet model depends on many other considerations, in addition to the toilet configuration and type. Here you can address some of the key things that can decide how much a toilet weights.


The weight of a toilet would mostly depend on the materials used to manufacture it, regardless of the make, model or even configuration.

In most toilet versions, the toilet basin and toilet foundation are constructed out of porcelain, which is derived from clay.

This material’s weight primarily depends on the form of clay from which it is extracted. Vitreous China is another material widely used to produce toilets, in particular by the leading toilet brands. Different products, such as plastic and steel, are created from other toilet pieces.

Some toilet versions come with hardwood or maple seats constructed of birch. All of these items have varying densities and the total weight of the toilet relies on how much of each content it has.

Height & Style

Toilets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which to a certain degree appear to influence their weight. Compact toilets for compact bathrooms, for example, are smaller in scale, and thus thinner. Comfort-height toilets are bigger in dimension, on the other side.

The extra materials needed to hit the height of comfort render these toilets heavier. Some brands of toilets use smaller toilet tanks to make them lighter.

Toilet Brand

To render their toilets, numerous toilet brands use various methods. It is understood that the procedure used by the maker to make a toilet determines the weight of the toilet.

As such, you can find that one brand’s one-piece toilet model is heavier or lighter than a separate brand’s equivalent one-piece toilet.

The one-piece Toto Ultramax II, for example, weights 99 pounds, while the single-piece toilet of the American Standard Champion 4 weighs 119 pounds.


You will need to raise and also shift the unit from one stage to another while building or removing a toilet.

The majority of toilet models are very heavy, as you have found during this tutorial. You can go with the lightweight toilet styles if you are searching for a lighter toilet style.

Better still, a two-piece toilet may be opted for, which is smaller and simpler to bring from one stage to another. Modern one-piece toilets will grace your bathroom with an elegant look, if weight is not an issue.

You can have someone support you with the raising and carrying, independent of the weight of your chosen toilet type. This makes the job simpler and keeps the latest toilet from getting harmed.

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