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VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink and Toilet Combo Review – Is It Perfect for Camping/RV/Boat?

This is a detailed review of the VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink and Toilet Combo, a perfect solution for your camping, RVing, boating, and road tripping needs. This self-contained unit offers a hand washing station with 5-gallon capacity and a flushing toilet with 3-gallon flush tank and 5.3-gallon waste tank. Read on to find out if this product is worth your investment.

🙂 Pros

– Lightweight, compact, and detachable design makes it easy to transport and store
– Foot pump for sink and piston pump for toilet provide efficient water flushing
– Large water and waste tank capacity for longer use without refilling or emptying
– Slippery surface and rotating pour spout make it easier to empty the waste tank
– Made of eco-friendly food-grade material with sealing valve to prevent leaks and odors
– No installation or tools required for setup

☹️ Cons

– Some difficulty in attaching the sink to the pedestal, but can be resolved with leaving them connected
– The faucet fitting is permanent, making it challenging to remove for storage
– Better quality connector for the faucet would be more convenient and long-lasting


VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink and Toilet Combo| Self-contained 5 Gal Hand Washing Station & 5.3 Gal Flushing Toilet, Perfect for Camping/RV/Boat/Road Tripper/Camper, Detachable & Lightweight

Brand: VINGLI Store

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Detailed Review

The VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink and Toilet Combo is a game-changer for those who love to enjoy outdoor activities without compromising on comfort and hygiene. The lightweight and compact design, along with the included carrying bag, make it easy to transport to any camping, RV, or boating location. Plus, the detachable feature ensures no hassle in setup and storage.

The sink has a 5-gallon self-contained tank, which provides enough water for washing hands and food. It also has a foot pump with a manually controlled switch, which allows for a steady stream of water. The sink can be used with a garden hose or connected to a garden pipe, eliminating the need for any plumbing. The toilet, on the other hand, has a 3-gallon flushing tank and a 5.3-gallon waste tank, providing 95 to 98 times effective flushes. This eliminates frequent refilling or emptying, and the tank can also be supported by an extra water tank.

One thing that truly impressed us about this combo is the ease of emptying and cleaning the waste tank. The slippery surface of the bowl prevents waste from sticking, and the rotating pour spout allows for quick and clean dumping without any splashing. Additionally, the vent and level indicator make it easier to know when to empty the tank, ensuring no mess or unpleasant smells.

As someone who values eco-friendly products, I was glad to know that this sink and toilet combo is made of high-density polyethylene, which is anti-leakage and crack-resistant. The sealing valve also keeps the waste from leaking and producing any unwanted odor. I also appreciate the option to add liquid chemicals to the fresh water tank for a more pleasant smelling toilet.

In my personal experience, this portable sink and toilet combo has made my camping trips more comfortable and convenient. The sink was perfect for washing hands after cooking, and the water from the sink can be used for flushing the toilet. The waste tank was easy to empty, and I didn’t face any issues with odors or leaks. However, I did find the faucet fitting a bit tricky to remove, and I hope the manufacturers consider a better quality connector for future models.

In conclusion, the VINGLI Upgraded Portable Sink and Toilet Combo is worth every penny for its convenience, efficiency, and portability. It offers all the necessary features for a comfortable outdoor experience and even allows for some luxury with the foot pump and piston flush. Whether you’re a camper, RVer, boater, or road tripper, this combo is a must-have for your next adventure.

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