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VINGLI Portable Toilet Review – Is It Perfect for Your Outdoor Adventures?

Today, we will be reviewing the VINGLI Portable Toilet, a convenient and lightweight option for outdoor and temporary use. We will be discussing its features, pros, cons, and our overall verdict on whether it is worth buying.

🙂 Pros

• Sturdy construction and anti-slip strip for stability
• Comfortable seat height for adults and suggested weight capacity of 350 lbs
• Portable and easy to store with a compact design and lightweight material
• Easy cleanup and less odor with a lid seal and removable inner bucket
• Versatile applications, both for outdoor and indoor use

☹️ Cons

• May feel flimsy for larger adults
• Assembly can be a bit difficult
• Toilet cover may not be very durable


VINGLI Portable Toilet, Commode with 5 Gallon Bucket Inner, Lightweight Camping RV Toilet for Adult, Kids, Boat, Van, Travel (Classic)

Brand: VINGLI Store

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Detailed Review

The VINGLI Portable Toilet is a great option for anyone in need of a temporary and portable toilet. It is made of sturdy plastic and features an anti-slip strip, ensuring stability while in use. The toilet also comes with a detachable toilet paper holder which can also serve as a mobile phone seat, and a place to sit your lid when closed.

One of the best features of this portable toilet is its comfortable seat height, which is suitable for adults at an average height. It can hold weight up to 350lbs, making it a suitable option for most individuals. The compact design and lightweight polypropylene material make it easy to transport and store, with a weight of only 6lbs.

Cleanup will not be a hassle with the VINGLI Portable Toilet. The lid seal helps to reduce any unpleasant odor, and the inner bucket can easily be removed for cleaning. You can also use any 6-8 gallon bags for a more convenient cleanup process.

This portable toilet has various applications, making it a convenient option for both outdoor events like camping, hiking, and boating, as well as indoor use for healthcare or festival parties. It also has a decent look, making it suitable to have in your home basement or hunting shed.

Now, from our personal experience, we found this product to be of decent quality, very comfortable, and sturdy enough for use. However, we did have some concerns about its durability, especially with the toilet cover feeling a bit flimsy.

Our overall verdict is that the VINGLI Portable Toilet is a practical and convenient option for your outdoor adventures or for temporary use. It is not a heavy-duty option and may not be suitable for larger individuals, but for the price, it is definitely worth considering.

Our Story with the VINGLI Portable Toilet:
Being an avid camper, I always struggle with finding a suitable toilet option for my trips. That’s why I was excited to try out the VINGLI Portable Toilet. It was easy to install and looks great in my DIY toilet room. The toilet has a censor that opens and closes when you approach it, making it even more convenient to use. I was also pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the seat was. It definitely made our camping experience more comfortable and convenient. We did notice some minor issues with the toilet cover not feeling very sturdy, but overall, we were impressed with this product and would recommend it to fellow campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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