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Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet Review – Luxury and Functionality Combined

Welcome to this detailed review of the Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet. In this review, we will explore the features and functionalities of this luxury integrated bidet seat toilet, and help you decide if it is worth buying for your home. Keep reading to find out our final verdict on this product.

🙂 Pros

– Automatic flip function for easy use
– Dual-nozzle sprayer with 3 washing methods and adjustable temperature and pressure
– Self-cleaning feature for optimum hygiene
– Deodorizer and foam splash-proof design for a pleasant experience
– Thermo seat ring and warm air drying for added comfort
– High load capacity of 660 pounds
– Easy installation process

☹️ Cons

– No bolts included for floor anchoring
– Bowl may be prone to cracks during shipping


Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet – Luxury Integrated Bidet Seat Toilet, Elongated Glaze One-Piece Toilet, 660LB Load, Remote Control, Hot Type, Automatic Flushing, Hip Cleaning, Drying (RG-KB-03)

Brand: Brand: Vehpro

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Detailed Review

The Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet is a high-end toilet with advanced features and functions. Its smart switching capabilities make it convenient and easy to use. The radio locator automatic flip function allows the toilet to open automatically when you are close, and the foot feeling flip function opens the lower toilet seat with just a foot close to the foot sensor. This adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience.

This toilet also features a dual-nozzle sprayer that offers posterior and feminine wash, along with 3 kinds of washing methods and 4 levels of water temperature and pressure. The instant heating water ensures a comfortable and efficient cleaning performance. However, do keep in mind that the user needs to sit on the seat for the sensor to engage and activate this feature.

The dual purification of unpleasant odors is another great feature of this toilet. The deodorizer makes sure that the air passing through is free from any unpleasant smells, while the foam splash-proof design prevents any splashes and unwanted odors from escaping. To use this feature, you can simply add some liquid to produce foam (liquid not included).

The hygiene of this toilet is also taken care of with the self-cleaning feature of the dual-nozzle sprayer. This ensures that the sprayer is clean and ready to use every time. The jet siphon flushing with an anti-backflow setting and no water pressure restriction further adds to the overall hygiene and efficient performance of the toilet.

For added comfort, the Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet features a thermostatic seat ring that comes with adjustable temperature settings. This 12V safety voltage seat protects your skin from cold irritation and relieves any numbness in your legs during long sits. The warm air drying feature, with its four-speed adjustable temperature, keeps you dry without the need for paper towels (again, the user needs to sit on the seat for this feature to work).

Now, coming to my personal experience with this toilet, I must say that I am highly impressed. The installation process was easy and hassle-free. The toilet looks sleek and modern, adding a touch of elegance to my bathroom. The automatic flip function and the multiple washing options are extremely convenient and efficient. The warm air drying feature is a game-changer and has greatly reduced my use of paper towels. The only thing I noticed was that there are no bolts included to anchor the toilet to the floor, so I just used some silicon sealant to ensure it stays in place.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet for its advanced features and functionalities, luxurious design, and efficient performance. It is definitely worth buying for your home and will elevate your bathroom experience to the next level.

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