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Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet – A Luxury Addition to Your Bathroom

This is a detailed review for the Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet (model RG-KB-03). In this review, we will cover all the features of this luxury integrated bidet seat toilet, including its smart switching capabilities, dual-nozzle sprayer, dual purification system, self-cleaning feature, thermostatic seat ring, and warm air drying function. Finally, we will provide our verdict on whether this product is worth buying or not.

🙂 Pros

– Smart switching functions make it convenient and hygienic to use the toilet
– Dual-nozzle sprayer offers multiple washing methods and customizable water temperature and pressure levels
– Dual purification system eliminates unpleasant odors
– Self-cleaning feature ensures the sprayer is clean before each use
– Thermostatic seat ring and warm air drying make it comfortable to use in any season
– Easy to install and works well even with low water pressure

☹️ Cons

– Some customers have reported receiving a cracked bowl, but the seller offers quick replacements
– The toilet does not come with floor anchor bolts, relying on gravity and sealant for stability


Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet – Luxury Integrated Bidet Seat Toilet, Elongated Glaze One-Piece Toilet, 660LB Load, Remote Control, Hot Type, Automatic Flushing, Hip Cleaning, Drying (RG-KB-03)

Brand: Brand: Vehpro

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Detailed Review

The Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet is a high-end addition to any bathroom. Not only does it have a sleek and modern design, but it also offers a range of advanced features that make it a convenient and hygienic choice for your household.

One of the standout features of this toilet is its smart switching capabilities. With a radio locator and foot sensor, the toilet will automatically open the seat and lid when you approach, making it hands-free and convenient to use. This feature is not only convenient for adults but also helpful for children and elderly individuals who may have trouble with manually opening and closing the seat.

The dual-nozzle sprayer is another impressive feature of this smart toilet. It offers a posterior wash, feminine wash, and 3 customizable washing methods. You can also adjust the water temperature and pressure to your liking, making it personalized and comfortable for every user. The instant heating water is also a great feature, as it eliminates the need for a separate water heater and ensures you have a warm wash every time.

The dual purification system is designed to eliminate any unpleasant odors. It uses an ionized carbon filter to purify the air and features a newly developed foam splash-proof design to prevent any unpleasant smells. You can enhance this feature even more by using a liquid that produces foam, adding a pleasant fragrance to the toilet.

The self-cleaning feature is also worth mentioning, as it ensures the sprayer is clean before each use. This is particularly helpful for ensuring optimum hygiene and cleanliness. Additionally, the jet siphon flushing with an anti-backflow setting and no water pressure restriction guarantees an efficient and powerful flush every time.

The thermostatic seat ring and warm air drying function make this toilet comfortable to use in any season. With four levels of adjustable temperature, you can keep your skin warm and comfortable even in the coldest of winters. The warm air drying feature also eliminates the use of toilet paper, making this toilet an eco-friendly choice.

Overall, our experience with the Vehpro Smart Toilet with Bidet has been great. It was easy to install and works perfectly even with low water pressure. However, some customers have reported receiving a cracked bowl, but the seller provides quick replacements.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with a luxury integrated bidet seat toilet, we highly recommend considering the Vehpro Smart Toilet. Its advanced features and convenience make it a valuable addition to any household.

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