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TYI Portable Toilet Bags for Camping: A Comprehensive Review

The TYI Portable Toilet Bags are a game-changer for campers, hikers, and anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures. In this review, we will cover all the features and benefits of these 100% biodegradable bags and help you decide if they are worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Made from plant starches, these bags are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
– Easy disposal – simply dig a hole and bury the bag, and it will degrade in 30-180 days.
– 8-gallon capacity and designed to fit any camping toilet.
– Meets strict standards for compostability.
– Comes in a pack of 20 bags for convenience.

☹️ Cons

– Price per bag may be a bit high.


Portable Toilet Bags for Camping, 20 Count Toilet Replacement Bags, 8 Gallon, 30 Liter, 100% Biodegradeable for Use with 5 Gallon Bucket

Brand: Brand: TYI

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Detailed Review

Design and Durability

The TYI Portable Toilet Bags are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Made from plant starches, they are strong and durable, ensuring no leaks or mess. The bags have a capacity of 8 gallons, which is more than enough for a small family or a group of campers. They are also designed to fit over a standard 5-gallon bucket, making it easy to set up a portable toilet anywhere.

Environmental Friendliness

One of the major advantages of these bags is that they are 100% biodegradable. They are made from plant starches and contain no polyethylene, making them safe for the environment. These bags meet strict standards for compostability, including US and EU certifications, so you can use them with confidence and contribute to reducing plastic waste.

Easy Disposal

Disposing of waste while camping or hiking can be a challenge, but not with these compostable toilet bags. Simply dig a hole, bury the bag, and it will break down in the soil within 30-180 days. This makes it a sanitary and eco-friendly solution for outdoor adventures.

Value for Money

The TYI Portable Toilet Bags come in a pack of 20, which is enough for a few camping trips. They may seem a bit pricey per bag, but considering their durability and environmental benefits, they are worth the investment.

Personal Experience

I recently used these bags while camping with my family, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The bags are easy to use, and there were no leaks or unpleasant odors. The best part is that we didn’t have to worry about disposing of them as they are completely compostable. It was a relief to know that we were not contributing to plastic waste while enjoying nature. Overall, I highly recommend these portable toilet bags for anyone who loves outdoor adventures.

Final Verdict

The TYI Portable Toilet Bags are a must-have for campers, hikers, and anyone who cares about the environment. They are well-made, easy to use, and 100% biodegradable, making them a great alternative to traditional plastic bags. Despite the slightly high price per bag, the convenience and environmental benefits make them worth buying.

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