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TRIPTIPS Portable Toilet – A Must-Have for Every Camper’s Gear Collection

Looking for a versatile yet durable portable toilet for your camping adventures? Look no further! This review covers all the great features and benefits of the TRIPTIPS Upgrade Retractable Portable Toilet – a game-changing addition to any camping gear collection. Read on for a thorough evaluation and our final verdict on this product.

🙂 Pros

– Height adjustable from 3.2 inches to 13 inches, making it suitable for everyone regardless of age or height
– Quick and easy to set up and fold back down, with a lightweight design and handy waterproof bag for easy transport
– Sturdy and durable thanks to modified ABS plastic material, 70 locked buckles, and non-slip bases, with a load capacity of up to 380 lbs
– Multi-functional design allows for various modes of use, including as a portable toilet, stool, storage box, side table, or trash can
– Comes with 10 toilet bags and a lifetime friendly customer service guarantee from the manufacturer

☹️ Cons

– A little small for taller individuals (over 5’11”)
– Lack of curved edge may cause discomfort during prolonged use


TRIPTIPS Upgrade Retractable Portable Toilet Travel Toilet Adjustable Height Camping Toilet Portable Potty for Adults Kids, Foldable Portable Toilet for Camping/Car, XL Size

Brand: TRIPTIPS Store

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Detailed Review

If you’re an avid camper, you know that finding a suitable toilet in the great outdoors can be a challenge. That’s where the TRIPTIPS Upgrade Retractable Portable Toilet comes in – it offers a convenient and versatile solution for all your bathroom needs while on the go.

Let’s start with its most notable feature – the height adjustability. This portable toilet can be adjusted from 3.2 inches to 13 inches, offering a comfortable and personalized experience for everyone. Whether you’re tall or short, young or old, you can find a comfortable height to make your bathroom trips a breeze.

But what about the setup and takedown process? It couldn’t be easier. Simply pull up and twist clockwise to secure the toilet in place, and when you’re done, rotate counterclockwise and press it down into a disk for easy transport. The lightweight design (only 2.75lbs!) and waterproof handy bag make it easy to carry in your backpack, luggage, or car.

Durability is also a key factor when it comes to any camping gear, and the TRIPTIPS portable toilet does not disappoint. Its modified ABS plastic material, 70 locked buckles, and non-slip bases make it remarkably stable and able to withstand a weight capacity of 380 lbs – higher than most portable toilets on the market.

But wait, there’s more. This toilet also has a functional cover design that allows for multiple modes of use. Use it as a camping toilet, a collapsible stool, a storage box, a side table, or even a trash can. It truly is a versatile and multi-functional addition to your camping gear.

And now, for the buying guide portion of this review. After testing this product extensively, we can confidently say that it is a must-have for any camper. Its height adjustability, sturdy construction, and multi-functional design make it a top choice in the market. Plus, the added convenience of a waterproof bag and extra features like a lifetime friendly customer service guarantee and 10 toilet bags make it an even more valuable purchase.

Our verdict? The TRIPTIPS Upgrade Retractable Portable Toilet is a fantastic addition to any camping adventure, offering convenience, comfort, and durability in one compact package. Don’t leave for your next trip without it!

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