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TRIPTIPS Portable Potty for Camping Review – A Must-Have for Outdoor Adventures!

This review is for the TRIPTIPS Updated Portable Potty, an essential product for any outdoor enthusiast. In this review, we will cover the standout features, pros and cons, and our overall verdict on this product.

🙂 Pros

– Foldable and portable design for convenience and easy transport
– Increased height and wider seat for a comfortable experience
– Features handles and security buckles for stability and safety
– Made of high-quality plastic for durability and can hold up to 290 lbs
– Versatile and can be used for camping, hiking, boating, and more

☹️ Cons

– Difficult to find biodegradable bags to fit the toilet
– May be too big for some camping situations


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Brand: TRIPTIPS Store

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Detailed Review

TRIPTIPS Updated Portable Potty – Review and Buying Guide

The TRIPTIPS Updated Portable Potty is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts. This compact and lightweight toilet is perfect for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity where a bathroom may not be readily available. Let’s take a closer look at its features and performance.

Design and Portability

The collapsible design of this portable toilet makes it incredibly easy to use and store. You can set it up in just one second by opening and buckling the side panels. The added handles make it convenient to carry, and the security buckles ensure it remains upright and stable.

Comfort and Durability

The TRIPTIPS Portable Potty has a 40% increased height and a wider seat, providing a comfortable experience for all adults. Its sturdy plastic material makes it stable and durable, with a weight capacity of 290 lbs. You can trust the quality of this product to last through many adventures.


This portable toilet has a functional cover design that eliminates offensive odors, making it ideal for various outdoor activities. Use it for camping, hiking, long trips, fishing, boating, or even during traffic jams. It’s not just for adults, it’s also a great option for kids.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing the TRIPTIPS Portable Potty, consider your specific needs and the type of outdoor activities you plan on using it for. It’s essential to find the right biodegradable bags to fit the toilet for environmental-friendly disposal. Alternatively, you can also use non-biodegradable bags and dispose of them properly after use.

My Personal Experience with the TRIPTIPS Portable Potty

As an avid camper and hiker, the TRIPTIPS Portable Potty has been a game changer for me. It provides the same comfort and stability as a regular toilet, even when I’m out in the wilderness. It’s easy to set up and pack away, making it a convenient addition to my outdoor gear. The only downside is the difficulty in finding bags that fit, but I’ve found alternatives that work well for me. Overall, I highly recommend this product to all outdoor enthusiasts.

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