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TOILETTIME REVIEW – Is WEUOPG XL Portable Toilet for Camping Worth Buying?

The WEUOPG XL Portable Toilet for Camping is the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use toilet. With its adjustable height and multiple functions, this portable toilet is a must-have for camping, hiking, road trips, and more. But is it really worth buying? Read on to find out.

🙂 Pros

– 8 adjustable height options for both adults and children
– Easy to set up and fold with innovative fish scale structure
– Lightweight and compact, can easily fit in a backpack or car
– Sturdy and can hold up to 380 lbs of weight
– Can be used for multiple purposes, such as a storage box, stool, or vomit bucket

☹️ Cons

– Not suitable for taller individuals over 6 feet
– The circumference may not be accommodating for larger individuals
– The carrying bag is not very durable


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Brand: Brand: WEUOPG

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Detailed Review

The WEUOPG XL Portable Toilet for Camping has quickly become my go-to toilet for all my outdoor adventures. As someone who loves camping and road trips, I have tried out various portable toilets, but this one stands out for its unique features and convenience.

First of all, the adjustable height feature is a game-changer. This portable toilet has 8 height options, ranging from 3.2 inches to 13 inches, making it suitable for both adults and children. Now, I don’t have to buy a separate travel potty for my kids, and we can all enjoy our camping trips comfortably. The innovative fish scale structure also makes it incredibly easy to set up and fold back within seconds. Just a simple pull and twist, and you’re good to go.

One of the major drawbacks of most portable camping toilets is their height. As a tall person (over 6 feet), it can be challenging to find a comfortable toilet. But with this upgraded XL version, I no longer have to squat uncomfortably. The 13-inch height is a much more reasonable height, making it suitable for people of varying heights. Plus, it only weighs 2.75lbs and is 3.2 inches high when folded, making it super lightweight and compact to carry around.

The humanity design of this portable toilet is also worth mentioning. The oval shape of the toilet lid provides more sitting room than the traditional round or square travel toilets. It is also incredibly sturdy and can hold up to 380 lbs of weight without any issues. Furthermore, this toilet has multiple functions, apart from being a standard toilet, it can also be used as a storage box, stool, or even a vomit bucket.

As for the packaging and warranty, the WEUOPG XL Portable Toilet for Camping comes with a carrying bag, 20 toilet bags, and a user manual. The company also offers a 1-year warranty for any defects, giving you peace of mind.

But of course, like any product, there are some downsides to this portable toilet. As mentioned earlier, it may not be suitable for taller individuals, and the circumference can be a bit snug for larger individuals. The carrying bag could also be sturdier, as it may not hold up for extended use.

All in all, my personal experience with the WEUOPG XL Portable Toilet for Camping has been excellent. It has made my outdoor trips much more comfortable and convenient. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile portable toilet.


“My first experience with the WEUOPG XL Portable Toilet for Camping was during a road trip with my family. We were always struggling to find a suitable toilet stop, and it was such a hassle with my young kids. But with this portable toilet, it was a game-changer. It’s so easy to set up and adjust to the perfect height for everyone. We were able to make quick stops without worrying about finding a restroom. And when my son got motion sickness, the toilet quickly converted into a vomit bucket. I don’t know how we managed without it before. It’s truly a lifesaver for outdoor adventures.”

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