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Simple Project Upflush Toilet Review – Perfect Upflush Toilet System for Your Basement!

This review is all about the Simple Project Upflush Toilet, a powerful and efficient macerating toilet system that is perfect for basements, sinks, and laundry rooms. In this review, we will cover all the features of this product, its pros and cons, and provide a comprehensive buying guide. So, keep reading to find out if this upflush toilet is worth buying for your home!

🙂 Pros

– Low noise flushing due to stainless steel non-clogging blades
– Powerful double flushing design for efficient waste removal
– Hidden 600w macerator pump for a compact and beautiful design
– Easy installation without damaging floors, walls, or water pipes
– Excellent 1v1 customer service for any questions or concerns

☹️ Cons

– May need professional installation for best results
– Doesn’t come with a flange for wall mounting
– May require regular maintenance to keep the macerator pump in top condition


Simple Project Upflush Toilet | Macerating Toilet System with 600W Macerator Pump & AC Vent, Powerful Macerating Toilet, Upflush Toilet For Basement, sink & Laundry One Piece Toile & Toilet Pump

Brand: Simple Project Store

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Detailed Review

A Comprehensive Review of the Simple Project Upflush Toilet

The Simple Project Upflush Toilet is a one-piece macerating toilet system that offers a low noise flush with its stainless steel non-clogging blades. This makes it a great choice for any small space, such as a basement, where noise can be an issue. The powerful double flushing design ensures that all waste is washed away in one flush, without any clogs or backups.

One of the standout features of this upflush toilet is the hidden 600w macerator pump. Unlike traditional two-piece upflush toilets, this one-piece design saves space and looks more aesthetically pleasing. The pump is also powerful enough to handle waste from not just the toilet, but also a shower and a sink that drain into it.

Installation of the Simple Project Upflush Toilet is fairly simple, but it is recommended to ask a licensed plumber to ensure proper installation. However, for those with basic DIY skills, it can be installed in as little as an hour. Plus, the product comes with excellent customer service, which is ready to help with any questions or concerns.

Overall, the Simple Project Upflush Toilet is a reliable and effective choice for anyone looking to add a bathroom in a small space like a basement. It may require some maintenance, but it is a great long-term investment for convenience and peace of mind.

Buying Guide

When looking to purchase the Simple Project Upflush Toilet, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure to measure the available space in your bathroom to ensure that this toilet will fit. It is also important to have a dedicated circuit for the 600w macerator pump.

Moreover, make sure to consider the layout of your bathroom and the location of the macerator pump. It is recommended to keep it as close to the toilet as possible to avoid any potential issues. Also, keep in mind the maintenance requirements and make sure you are comfortable with them before making a purchase.

Personal Experience with the Simple Project Upflush Toilet

I have had the Simple Project Upflush Toilet for over a year now in my basement bathroom and I have to say, it has been a game-changer. The low noise flushing and powerful flush have never failed me, even with regular use from the shower and sink. Installation was a breeze with the help of a plumber, and the customer service team has been extremely helpful with any questions I had.

One small issue I faced was with the pump, which required a quick fix. However, with regular maintenance, it has been running smoothly ever since. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a bathroom in a small space.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Simple Project Upflush Toilet is a top-notch product when it comes to macerating toilet systems. With its low noise flush, powerful macerator pump, and compact design, it is an excellent choice for basements, sinks, and laundry rooms. The only minor downside is the potential need for regular maintenance, but with proper care, it is a long-term investment. So, if you are in need of an upflush toilet, the Simple Project Upflush Toilet is definitely worth buying!

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