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SFSUMART Outdoor Toilet Review – Is It the Best Camping Companion?

For anyone who loves camping and spending time in the great outdoors, the SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet is a game-changer. This portable folding toilet offers convenience and comfort for all your outdoor adventures. In this review, we will cover all the features of this product and give our final verdict on whether it’s worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Lightweight and compact design
– Can be used as a stool, storage box, and trash can
– Comes with 12 replacement bags for easy cleanup
– Perfect for camping, traveling, fishing, and long trips
– Offers a safer and cleaner alternative to public restrooms

☹️ Cons

– Some packages do not include a carrying bag
– May not feel as sturdy for adults


SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet for Camping Hygiene & Sanitation, Portable Foldable Potty for Car Travel Hiking Fishing Long Trips

Brand: Brand: SFSUMART

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Detailed Review

The SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet is the perfect solution for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or on a long trip, this portable toilet is a must-have for your adventures. Let’s dive into the product and see what it has to offer.

First, the design of this toilet is impressive. It is oval-shaped, made of hard plastic, and weighs only 3.3 lbs, which makes it one of the lightest options in the market. It also has a folded size of 12.8*10.8*2.6 inches, which makes it incredibly easy to transport and store. You can simply unfold and set it up in no time.

But what sets this product apart is its versatility. It’s not just a folding toilet, but also a storage and seat combination, trash can, small stool, and even an indoor toilet for the elderly or pregnant women. It can hold up to 200 lbs, making it a sturdy option for anyone to use. Whether you’re camping or fishing, this toilet has got you covered.

One of the most significant advantages of this toilet is its convenience in keeping things clean and safe. It comes with 12 replacement bags, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any mess after use. The bags can also be easily disposed of, making it an environmentally friendly option. Plus, it works great in the back of an SUV, making it a perfect companion for road trips.

Another benefit of this toilet is that it eliminates the need for public restrooms. It pairs perfectly with a popup tent and is a great solution for when you can’t find a restroom while fishing or camping. It’s also suitable for toddlers who need to go potty during car trips, where public restrooms may not be readily available or desirable.

The SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet comes with a carrying bag and 12 replacement bags. However, some packages may not include the carrying bag due to poor quality. In such cases, the manufacturer offers a $2 refund as compensation.

Now, let’s talk about my personal experience with this product. As an avid camper and traveler, I always dread having to use public restrooms. However, with this portable toilet, I never have to worry about that again. It’s easy to set up and fold back, and it fits perfectly in my car. I have also used it as a stool and a storage box, making it a multi-purpose product. The only downside I have noticed is that it may not feel as sturdy for adults, but it definitely gets the job done.

Overall, the SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet is a fantastic product that offers convenience, comfort, and safety for all your outdoor adventures. We highly recommend it for all campers, travelers, and anyone who loves spending time in nature. Say goodbye to public restrooms and hello to a better and cleaner option.

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