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SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet Review – Is It Worth Buying?

This is a detailed review of the SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet, a portable and foldable potty that is perfect for camping, traveling, hiking, fishing, and long trips. In this review, we will cover its features, pros and cons, and provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision. Read on to find out if this product is worth adding to your outdoor gear collection.

🙂 Pros

– Compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and store
– Can also be used as a stool, storage box, fishing bucket, and more
– Comes with 12 replacement bags for easy cleanup
– Perfect for avoiding public restrooms during these times

☹️ Cons

– Some packages may not include the carrying bag as mentioned in the product details
– The seating surface may feel slightly unstable for larger individuals


SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet for Camping Hygiene & Sanitation, Portable Foldable Potty for Car Travel Hiking Fishing Long Trips

Brand: Brand: SFSUMART

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Detailed Review

The SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet is a must-have for anyone who loves spending time in nature or going on long road trips. With its oval, hard plastic design, this toilet weighs only 3.3lbs, making it one of the lightest options on the market. The folded up size of 12.8*10.8*2.6 inches makes it incredibly convenient to pack in your car and take with you on any adventure.

One of the standout features of this product is its versatility. Not only is it a foldable potty for outdoor use, but it can also be used as a stool, storage box, trash can, and more. It even serves as an indoor toilet option for the elderly or pregnant women in case of emergencies. With a weight limit of 200lbs, this toilet is sturdy enough to be used by most individuals without any worries.

The package comes with 12 replacement bags, eliminating the need to clean up any mess after use. The toilet also works great inside an SUV, making it ideal for long road trips. One happy customer mentioned using it along with a popup tent, making it a perfect combination for any outdoor adventure. They also mentioned the convenience of having a personal restroom during fishing trips or while camping in remote areas.

However, some packages may not include the carrying bag as advertised, but the company provides a refund of $2 as compensation. This is a minor inconvenience and does not take away from the overall functionality of the product. Additionally, some individuals may feel slightly uncomfortable with the seating surface, but this can be easily solved by adding a cushion or using it as a stool instead.

In terms of personal experience, the SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet has been a lifesaver during camping trips with my family. My kids love using it and find it super easy to set up and fold back. It has also been useful during road trips, especially with the current situation where using public restrooms can be a safety concern. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves spending time outdoors or is looking for a safe and convenient personal restroom option.

Overall, the SFSUMART Outdoor Emergency Toilet is a fantastic investment for any outdoor enthusiast. Its compact and versatile design, along with the added convenience of having 12 replacement bags, makes it a must-have for any camping, hiking, or road trip adventure. With proper care, this toilet can last for years to come, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for all your outdoor toilet needs.

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