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SEAFLO 2.6 Gallon (12L) Premium Portable Travel Toilet Review – Is It Worth Buying?

If you’re in need of a portable toilet for your outdoor adventures, the SEAFLO 2.6 Gallon (12L) Premium Portable Travel Toilet is the product for you. In this review, we will cover all of its features and functionality, and give our final verdict on whether it’s worth purchasing.

🙂 Pros

– Sleek and modern design
– Powerful piston-flush for clean and efficient use
– Tri-directional flush nozzle for thorough cleaning
– Oversized bowl for easy flushing
– Detachable holding tank with ergonomic handle
– Rotating dumping elbow for clean and distant dumping
– Air relief valve button to eliminate gurgling and splashing
– Durable and sturdy construction
– Easy to fill and empty

☹️ Cons

– Some may find the price to be on the higher side
– May not have enough capacity for larger groups or extended trips
– Batteries are not included


SEAFLO 2.6 Gallon (12L) Premium Portable Travel Toilet

Brand: SEAFLO Store

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Detailed Review

The SEAFLO portable travel toilet boasts a sleek, lightweight and durable modern design that is not only functional, but also visually appealing. Its fresh water tank and powerful piston-flush ensure a clean and efficient toilet experience. The tri-directional flush nozzle and oversized bowl allow for easy flushing without any messy and unpleasant accidents. Plus, the slick anti-stick bowl makes cleaning a breeze.

Another convenient feature is the detachable, fully-sealed holding tank with an ergonomic handle for easy transport and disposal. The rotating dumping elbow adds to the cleanliness factor, as it allows for clean and distant dumping without any mess or hassle. The air relief valve button also eliminates gurgling and splashing, making for a much more pleasant experience.

This portable travel toilet is not just functional, but also durable and sturdy. It is made of high-quality materials and the flush plunger is solid plastic instead of the accordion type, which can often freeze and dry rot. The SEAFLO toilet is also easy to fill and empty, making it a convenient choice for outdoor trips and even for use on boats.

While using it on my boat, I found that this toilet actually looks attractive and blends in well with the surroundings. It’s a great basic portable toilet that gets the job done. I am still evaluating its long-term use, but so far, I have no complaints. It’s especially handy for late-night bathroom visits while camping, when you don’t want to disturb others by walking to the bathroom.

Overall, my personal experience with the SEAFLO Premium Portable Travel Toilet has been great. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and I empty and clean it every morning with no hassle. I also recommend using RV toilet paper for easy disposal and freshening up the toilet with Lysol toilet gel clings.

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