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SANIFLO Sanibest Pro Review – The Ultimate Upflush Solution for Full Baths

The SANIFLO Sanibest Pro is a game-changer when it comes to installing a full bathroom in your home or commercial space. With its powerful 1 HP pump system, it can handle up to 25 feet of vertical lift and 150 feet of horizontal distance from the nearest sewer line. In this review, we will discuss all the features of this product and provide you with our final verdict on whether it’s worth investing in.

🙂 Pros

– Can handle a full bathroom with toilet, sink, shower/bathtub, and even a washing machine
– Features built-in check valves for easy maintenance and noise-reducing design
– Comes with a 4-year warranty for added peace of mind
– Made in the US with a dedicated service center for efficient support

☹️ Cons

– The check valve may sometimes malfunction, causing unwanted backflow
– Slightly more expensive compared to traditional plumbing solutions


SANIFLO Sanibest Pro – Full Bath Install – Upflush – Residential & Commercial

Brand: SANIFLO Store

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Detailed Review

The SANIFLO Sanibest Pro is a revolutionary product that allows you to add a full bathroom practically anywhere in your home or commercial building. With its powerful 1 HP pump system, it can easily handle all the waste from your toilet, sink, shower, and even a washing machine, making it the perfect solution for adding a bathroom to a basement, garage, or other locations where traditional plumbing is not feasible.

One of the standout features of the Sanibest Pro is its easy access service panel on the top of the pump. This makes maintenance a breeze, as you can easily access the electrical components and perform any necessary repairs or replacements. The built-in check valves on either side of the pump also contribute to easy maintenance and ensure a quieter operation at only 63 dBA.

In terms of technical specifications, the Sanibest Pro boasts an impressive discharge rate of 19 gallons per minute at 25 feet of vertical lift. It can also handle a shut-off head of 38 feet, making it ideal for multi-level installations. The product is certified by CSA and IAPMO, ensuring its quality and compliance with plumbing codes.

As mentioned earlier, the Sanibest Pro comes with a 4-year warranty, which is an additional 2 years from the standard warranty of 2 years. This warranty can offer you the much-needed peace of mind, should any issues arise with the product.

Overall, the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro is a reliable and efficient upflush system that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Its ability to handle a full bathroom and easy maintenance make it a great choice for adding a bathroom to a basement, garage, or other locations. However, the occasional malfunction of the check valve can be a downside. And while it may be slightly more expensive initially, the convenience and ease of installation make it worth the investment.

My Personal Experience with the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro
As someone who recently purchased a house with a small, narrow master bathroom, I was faced with the challenge of how to rearrange the layout to make it more functional. Moving the toilet to the other end of the bathroom seemed like the best solution, but the slope of the drain pipe was not enough to carry the waste.

Enter the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro. It solved my problem by allowing me to move the toilet to the desired location without having to go through the hassle of digging up and reconfiguring the drain pipe. The installation was smooth, and the pump has been working flawlessly for the past few months.

The only minor inconvenience I faced was with the check valve, which would sometimes blow off, causing backflow and a mess. However, I easily fixed this issue by using gorilla tape to secure the valve in place.

In conclusion, the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro has been a lifesaver for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a full bathroom to their home or commercial space.

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