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SANIFLO Sanibest Pro – Full Bath Install – Upflush – Residential & Commercial Review – Is It Worth Investing In?

In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro – a powerful and versatile 1 HP pump system designed for installing a full bathroom up to 25 feet below the sewer line. We will cover all its features, including its dual purpose for gray water disposal, easy maintenance, and technical specifications. Stick around for the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision on whether this product is worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Allows for installation of a complete bathroom up to 25 feet below the sewer line
– Can also be used to discharge gray water from sinks, showers, urinals, and washing machines
– Easy to access service panel for hassle-free maintenance
– Comes with a 4-year warranty for added peace of mind

☹️ Cons

– Check valve for preventing back flow can come loose under high pressure
– Noise level can be a bit high, measuring at ≤63 dBA (Lp) at 3 feet


SANIFLO Sanibest Pro – Full Bath Install – Upflush – Residential & Commercial

Brand: SANIFLO Store

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Detailed Review

The SANIFLO Sanibest Pro is a game-changer for both residential and commercial use when it comes to installing a full bathroom in areas where a traditional gravity-fed system wouldn’t be feasible. With its powerful 1 HP pump and the ability to pump waste up to 25 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally, this product is definitely a top contender for solving tricky bathroom installations.

One of the standout features of this product is its dual purpose. Not only can it handle black water from toilets, but it can also efficiently and effectively dispose of gray water from sinks, showers, urinals, and even washing machines (with an indirect connection). This makes it a versatile and convenient choice for a variety of situations.

Maintenance can often be a hassle with pump systems, but the Sanibest Pro makes it a breeze with its easy access service panel located on top of the pump. This allows for quick and easy access to the electrical components for any maintenance needs that may arise. It’s always great to have a product that prioritizes user convenience.

In terms of technical specifications, the Sanibest Pro has a noise level of ≤63 dBA (Lp) at 3 feet and a discharge rate of 19 gallons per minute at 25 feet. It also has a shut-off head of 38 feet and is certified by CSA and IAPMO. Its connections include a rear outlet for a toilet, sink, shower/bathtub, and washing machine. The product itself comes in a sleek white finish and has a compact size of 11″L x 14″W x 23″H.

As mentioned earlier, the product comes with a 4-year warranty, with 2 years of coverage upon purchase and an additional 2 years with registration. This provides reassurance and peace of mind, knowing that the product is backed by the manufacturer. And with a service center based in the US, you can expect prompt and efficient customer support if needed.

With all its impressive features and powerful performance, it’s no wonder that the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro has received rave reviews from users. However, the only downside to note is the check valve for preventing back flow, which can come loose under high pressure. This can result in mess and inconvenience.

Overall, my personal experience with the SANIFLO Sanibest Pro has been fantastic. I recently bought a house with a narrow bathroom that posed some challenges when it came to toilet placement. This product solved the problem perfectly, allowing me to move the toilet to a more convenient location without worrying about the slope of the drain pipe. The installation process was smooth and the product has been working flawlessly since. Despite the minor issue with the check valve, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing upflush pump system.

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