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SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump – Full Bath Macerator Pump – Residential Review

This detailed review will cover the features, pros and cons, and my personal experience with the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump – Full Bath Macerator Pump for residential use. Find out if this product is worth buying in this comprehensive review.

🙂 Pros

– Can install a complete bathroom up to 15 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away
– Can discharge gray water from sinks, bath/shower, and urinal
– Easy maintenance with 2 service panels for access to electrical components and macerating blade
– Low noise level
– Comes with a 4-year warranty (2-year warranty with purchase and additional 2 years with registration)

☹️ Cons

– Does not include an extension pipe for tank placement behind the wall in a common setup
– Pressure-sensitive membrane for starting the pump is not durable


SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump – Full Bath Macerator Pump – Residential

Brand: SANIFLO Store

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Detailed Review


The SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump is a 1/2 HP pump system designed for installing a full bathroom up to 15 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from a soil stack. This system also has the added benefit of being able to discharge gray water from sinks, bath/shower, and urinal. It is a great solution for residential properties that need to add a bathroom in a difficult location.

Design and Features

The Saniaccess 3 pump is made out of plastic and comes in a white color. It is compact in size, measuring 9.5 x 13.25 x 22.5 inches, making it easy to install in tight spaces. The pump is powered by AC and has a maximum flow rate of 1.28 gallons per minute. It runs on 115 volts and has a noise level of ≤ 53 dBA. The discharge rate at 15 ft is 17 GPM and has a shut-off head of 30 ft. This pump is certified by CSA (IPC, NSPC) and IAPMO (UPC).

The Saniaccess 3 pump has two easy access service panels located on top of the pump. One panel provides access to the electrical components and the level sensor, while the other panel allows for easy removal of foreign objects from the macerating blade. This makes maintenance a breeze and keeps the pump running smoothly.

My Personal Experience

I recently purchased the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump for the installation of an additional bathroom in my home. The pump was easy to install and has been working efficiently. I have not experienced any leakage issues, and the low noise level is a definite plus.

However, I did run into an issue when trying to place the tank behind the wall of the toilet. The necessary extension pipe was not included, causing a delay in my project. I also noticed that the pressure-sensitive membrane used to start the pump is not as durable as I would have liked.

Final Verdict

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase of the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump. It has made adding a full bathroom to my home possible and its compact design has made fitting it into tight spaces easy. The easy maintenance and low noise level are also great features. However, the missing extension pipe and delicate pressure-sensitive membrane are a drawback. With that said, I would still recommend this pump for its functionality and reliability.

Buying Guide

When considering purchasing the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump, keep in mind the specific needs of your installation. Make sure to measure the distance from the sewer line or soil stack to ensure that this pump is the right fit for your project. Also, consider whether you will need to discharge gray water from other sources and if this pump meets your requirements. Lastly, it is important to register for the additional 2-year warranty to ensure peace of mind.

About the Brand

SANIFLO is a leading brand in macerating and grinding pumps for toilets, kitchen and laundry sinks, and more. They offer innovative solutions for difficult plumbing installations and have a reputation for high-quality and reliable products. With a 4-year warranty and excellent customer service, SANIFLO is a brand you can trust for your plumbing needs.

Personal Experience: How the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump Changed My Bathroom Project

When I decided to add a full bathroom to my home, I was faced with a common problem – there was no existing plumbing in the desired location. After doing some research, I came across the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump and it was a game-changer. It allowed me to install a bathroom in a challenging location without having to break floors or walls and disrupting other areas of my home. The pump has been running smoothly and has made a significant impact on the functionality and value of my home. I would highly recommend the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 Pump for anyone looking to add a bathroom in a difficult location.

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