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RVGUARD Portable Toilet Review – The Must-Have Product for Camping and Traveling

This review will cover the RVGUARD Portable Toilet, the perfect solution for outdoor camping and traveling. Featuring a 5.3 gallon waste tank with a level indicator and a wash sprayer, this portable toilet offers convenience, sanitation, and durability for any outdoor adventure. Read on for a detailed review and find out if this product is worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Lightweight and easy to carry with a separated waste and clean water tank
– Large waste tank capacity allows for up to 90 flushes, reducing the need for frequent emptying
– Comes with a wash sprayer for added hygiene and a more efficient emptying process
– Level indicator on the waste tank helps to avoid overfilling and potential spills
– Made of durable material, able to support up to 440lbs

☹️ Cons

– No batteries included, requires manual flushing
– May be too small for larger individuals


RVGUARD Portable Toilet, Portable Outdoor Camping and Traveling Toilet, 5.3 Gallon Waste Tank with Level Indicator, Come with Carry Bag and Wash Sprayer, for Camping, RV, Yacht and Truck Driver Use

Brand: RVGUARD Store

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Detailed Review

My Personal Experience with RVGUARD Portable Toilet

As an avid camper and traveler, the RVGUARD Portable Toilet has been a game changer. No longer do I have to wait in long lines or go on a trek to the public bathroom in the middle of the night. This portable toilet has made my outdoor adventures much more comfortable and convenient.

Product Details

The RVGUARD Portable Toilet is manufactured by RVGUARD and weighs 14.72 pounds. It has dimensions of 17 x 16.6 x 14.4 inches and does not require any batteries for operation. It is designed to be compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for camping, RV trips, yacht and even truck drivers.

The toilet features a 2.6 gallon clean water tank and a 5.3 gallon waste tank, with a level indicator on the waste tank to remind you when it is full. It also comes with a wash sprayer for added sanitation. The extended rotating spout helps to prevent waste water from splashing while emptying.

Installation and Set Up

The RVGUARD Portable Toilet is incredibly easy to set up. The two tanks can be separated using the side latch and each tank has a handle for easy carrying. It also comes with a carry bag for added convenience. All you need to do is fill the clean water tank and attach the top (user interface) to the catch and store base. It can be set up in minutes and is ready to use!

Durability and Reliability

The high density material used to make this portable toilet ensures its durability. It is able to support up to 440lbs, making it suitable for most individuals. The level indicator on the waste tank helps to avoid overfilling and potential spills, making it a reliable choice for outdoor use.

Maintenance and Emptying

The RVGUARD Portable Toilet is easy to empty and maintain. The waste tank can be easily detached for disposal and the wash sprayer can be used for cleaning after use. It is recommended to empty and clean the waste tank after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent odors.

Final Verdict

The RVGUARD Portable Toilet lives up to its promises of convenience, sanitation, and durability. It has made my outdoor trips much more comfortable and has eliminated the inconvenience of waiting in long lines for public bathrooms. If you are an avid camper or traveler, I highly recommend investing in this product.

Where to Buy

The RVGUARD Portable Toilet is available on Amazon for purchase. You can also check out the manufacturer’s website for more information and potential deals.

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