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Outvita Portable Toilet Review – Is It The Best Portable Option?

This review will focus on the Outvita Portable Toilet, an outdoor lightweight porta potty perfect for camping, boating, and RV trips. We will cover its features, benefits, and any potential drawbacks to help you determine if it’s worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Made of high-quality PP material for durability and easy cleaning
– Double sealed to prevent leaks and odors
– Detachable inner bucket with handle for easy cleaning
– Removable storage shelf and built-in toilet paper holder for convenience
– Lightweight and portable with a weight limit of 440 pounds

☹️ Cons

– Bucket may tip when carried by the handle alone
– Lid does not fit snugly and may require support while carrying
– Toilet paper holder may not fit larger rolls


Outvita Portable Toilet, Outdoor Lightweight Porta Potty with Detachable Inner Bucket Removable Toilet Paper Holder for Camping Boat RV Hiking Living Room

Brand: Outvita Store

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Detailed Review

The Outvita Portable Toilet is a great option for those in need of a temporary or portable toilet. Its premium PP material makes it sturdy and long-lasting, while also being easy to clean. The double sealed lid ensures that there will be no leaks or unpleasant odors. The detachable inner bucket comes with a handle, making it convenient to remove and clean without having to clean the entire toilet.

One impressive feature of this porta potty is the removable storage shelf, which can also be used as a mobile phone seat. Its detachable design allows for it to be placed on either side, depending on your usage preference. Additionally, the shelf can be removed to reveal a hidden handle for easy portability. The ergonomic seat height of 15.5 inches makes sitting and standing up easier for most people.

Not only is the Outvita Portable Toilet suitable for outdoor activities like camping and boating, but it can also be used indoors in temporary situations such as in hospitals or mobile homes. Its compact size and lightweight design weighing only 5.5 pounds make it easy to transport and store.

A personal experience with this product is that it exceeded my expectations. It is larger and sturdier than I imagined and has a lovely gray color. However, the lid does not fit snuggly and requires support while carrying. It has a spacious interior, but the bucket may tip if carried by the handle alone. I found it to be perfect for my outdoor activities, but for indoor use, I prefer to use an additional mini-bucket for added stability.

In conclusion, the Outvita Portable Toilet is a great option for those in need of a temporary or portable toilet. With its sturdy construction, leak-proof design, and convenient features, it is definitely worth considering for your outdoor adventures or temporary indoor needs.

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