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Mupera RV Toilet Pedal Flush – A Must-Have for RVers

This review will be covering the Mupera RV Toilet Pedal Flush, a new and improved option for motorhome and RV owners. This upgraded toilet offers features such as a T-type water outlet for efficient flushing, slow drop damping for noise-free operation, and a foot pedal flush for hands-free convenience. Read on to see if this product is worth adding to your RV setup.

🙂 Pros

– Easy to install with included flange and connection pipe
– Comfortable size and height for a household-like experience
– Upgraded T-type water outlet ensures full coverage for more efficient cleaning
– Damping and slow drop design for noise-free use
– Hands-free foot pedal flush for added convenience

☹️ Cons

– May require a thread adapter for installation
– Foot pedal may require a very light touch to avoid overflushing
– Flange size may not fit all RV models perfectly


mupera RV Toilet Pedal Flush with Flang – Upgraded T-Type Water Outlets Gravity Flush Toilet(2023 New), with Damping Slow Down Toilet Seat and Cover for Motorhome, RV

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The Mupera RV Toilet Pedal Flush comes with all the necessary parts for installation, including a flange, connection pipe, screws, and rubber ring. It is also designed to easily fit into most RV models. However, some users have reported that a thread adapter may be needed.


The T-type water outlet in this toilet ensures a thorough flush for better cleaning and water efficiency. The slow drop damping feature also makes it a quieter option compared to other RV toilets. The foot pedal flush is a convenient and hygienic addition, freeing your hands from manual flushing.


This RV toilet is designed to resemble a household toilet, with a comfortable size and height. It also has a clean, white color that blends well with most RV interiors. The seat and cover are made of durable polypropylene material, and the main body is made of high-density polyethylene.


The Mupera RV Toilet Pedal Flush is a solid option for any RV or motorhome owner. It offers a comfortable and efficient toilet experience, while also being easy to install and quiet to operate. The potential need for a thread adapter and the sensitivity of the foot pedal are minor drawbacks, but overall, this product is highly recommended for its performance and convenience.

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