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Macerating Toilet Review – Powerful and Low Noise Upflush System

In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Macerating Toilet with 600W Macerator Pump of Upflush Toilet for Basement Toilet System. We will cover its features, performance, and customer experiences to help you decide if this product is worth buying. So, let’s dive in and find out if the Macerating Toilet lives up to its promises of powerful flushing, low noise, and easy installation.

🙂 Pros

– Powerful macerator pump with stainless steel non-clogging blades for efficient and quiet flushing.
– Can handle waste water from multiple fixtures, making it perfect for small spaces like basements.
– Features a ventilation system with adsorptive activated carbon to eliminate odors.
– Can pump waste up to 22.9 feet vertically and 229 feet horizontally, providing flexibility in installation.
– Manufacturer, Simple Project, offers excellent customer support.

☹️ Cons

– The package does not include instructions for installation, requiring research or professional help.
– Some customers have reported missing ventilation connections or labels, causing confusion during installation.
– The slope of the drainage pipes for other fixtures must be raised by 3% or 14cm, which can be challenging to achieve.


Macerating Toilet With 600W Macerator Pump Of Upflush Toilet For Basement Toilet System, Upflow Toilet System With Round-front Standard Bowl, Powerful Flush & Low Noise (Two-piece Toilet)

Brand: Simple Project Store

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Detailed Review

Product Overview:

The Macerating Toilet with 600W Macerator Pump is a two-piece toilet system designed for basement installations. It boasts a powerful macerator pump with stainless steel blades that can efficiently and silently smash waste and pump it through large-diameter sewage pipes to prevent clogging. This system can also handle waste water from multiple fixtures, such as sinks and washers, making it an all-in-one solution for small spaces. Moreover, it features a ventilation system with activated carbon to eliminate unpleasant odors, making it perfect for use in residential spaces. The powerful pumping distance of this toilet also allows for flexible installation, and the manufacturer, Simple Project, offers exceptional customer support.


Customers have reported that this macerating toilet works as promised, providing powerful and efficient flushing without causing noise disturbances. It also handles waste water from multiple fixtures without any issues and effectively eliminates odors, making it a great choice for residential basements. Its pumping distance has also impressed customers and has made the installation process more manageable. However, some have faced challenges due to the lack of instructions included in the package. Despite this, the majority of customers have been satisfied with the performance of the Macerating Toilet.

Customer Experiences:

Most customers have had a positive experience with the Macerating Toilet. They appreciate its powerful and quiet operation, as well as the flexibility it offers for installation. However, some have faced challenges during installation due to missing instructions or labels. One customer shared how this weekend DIY project turned into a disaster due to the absence of proper instructions. They wasted hours trying to figure out how to start the installation process. Despite these challenges, the majority of customers are satisfied with this product’s performance and highly recommend it for those looking for an efficient and low noise macerating toilet for their basements.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Macerating Toilet with 600W Macerator Pump is a reliable and efficient choice for those looking for an upflush toilet system. Its powerful pump, low noise operation, and multiple fixture handling capability make it a versatile and convenient option. However, it is essential to note that proper installation may require professional help or thorough research due to the lack of instructions. Despite this, we highly recommend this product for its performance, features, and outstanding customer support.

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