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Kohree Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Read this detailed review of the Kohree Portable Toilet and find out if it’s the perfect solution for your outdoor adventures!

🙂 Pros

– Easy to carry and assemble anywhere
– Large capacity for less frequent emptying
– Odorless and leak-proof design
– Easy to clean with full coverage water outlets and water gun
– Versatile for use in various scenarios

☹️ Cons

– Only suitable for #1 use
– No returns or exchanges unless there is a quality issue
– Requires frequent waste tank cleaning for hygiene reasons


Kohree Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty, 5.8 Gallon Waste Tank, Indoor Outdoor Toilet with CHH Piston Pump and Level Indicator, Leak-Proof Cassette Toilet for RV Travel, Boat and Trips.

Brand: Kohree Store

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Detailed Review

Kohree Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty Review: The Perfect Solution for Your Outdoor Trips

If you’re an avid camper, boater or traveler, the Kohree Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty is the must-have product for your next adventure. With its compact size and convenient handle, it’s incredibly easy to carry and can be assembled or disassembled anywhere, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

But don’t be fooled by its compact size, this porta potty has a large storage capacity of 5.8 gallons for sewage and 3.2 gallons for fresh water. This means you’ll have to empty it less frequently, allowing you to enjoy your trip without any interruptions. Plus, the waste water tank level indicator lets you know when it’s time for a quick emptying.

One of the biggest concerns with any portable toilet is the potential for odors and leaks. But with the Kohree Portable Toilet, you don’t have to worry about that. Its high-density polyethylene material features an anti-leakage and odor sealant valve, keeping your surroundings clean and odor-free.

Cleaning the porta potty is no longer a hassle either. The upgraded T-type full coverage water outlets design ensures a 360° cleaning, avoiding any stains in hard to reach corners. And the water gun included in the package is perfect for cleaning any part of the inner wall of the toilet.

From camping to boating to outdoor events, this portable toilet can be used in various scenarios. However, it’s important to note that it’s only suitable for #1 use and it is recommended to clean the waste tank frequently for hygiene reasons. Also, the manufacturer does not accept returns or exchanges unless there is a quality issue.

Overall, the Kohree Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty is a game changer for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s convenient, easy to use, and efficient, making it a great investment for all your future adventures.

My Personal Experience with the Kohree Portable Toilet

I recently purchased the Kohree Portable Toilet for a camping trip with my family. It was the perfect solution for our late night bathroom needs, and my kids found it fun to use too. The porta potty was easy to clean and didn’t have any odors, which was a big relief. It’s definitely worth the money for the convenience it offers, and I highly recommend it to all outdoor enthusiasts.

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