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JISSBON Portable Camping Toilet Review – Is It Worth Buying?

This is a detailed review of the JISSBON Portable Camping Toilet, a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. In this review, we will cover its features, pros and cons, and my personal experience with the product. Read on to find out if this portable potty is worth investing in for your next adventure.

🙂 Pros

1. Sturdy and durable, made with high-quality ABS material.
2. Compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport.
3. Versatile, can be used as a toilet, storage box, or small stool.
4. Comes with a complete package for easy use and disposal.
5. Foldable design for convenience and portability.

☹️ Cons

1. May not be suitable for individuals over 6 feet tall.
2. The seat may not be wide enough for some users.
3. The disposable trash bags may rip if not careful.
4. May not be suitable for long-term use.
5. Requires frequent emptying of the waste container.


JISSBON Portable Camping Toilet Water-Proof, Foldable, & Supports up to 700lbs. Portable potty for adults travel car Fishing, Long Trips, Tents…

Brand: Brand: JISSBON

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Detailed Review

The JISSBON Portable Camping Toilet is a game-changer for any outdoor activity. Made with high-quality ABS material, this toilet is not only sturdy and durable but also waterproof and drop-resistant. With a load capacity of up to 700lbs, you can rely on this toilet for stability on any surface.

One of the best features of this toilet is its foldable design. When folded, it measures only 4 inches in height, making it easy to carry in your car, backpack, or camping gear. Setting it up is a breeze, and it expands up to 12.5 inches in height, providing a comfortable seat for adults.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this portable toilet is not just a toilet. It can also be used as a storage box and small stool, making it a versatile and essential accessory for any outdoor adventure. What’s more, the toilet comes with a complete package that includes a folding toilet, storage bag, disposable trash bags, and toilet pads, ensuring maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

I recently took this portable potty with me on a long road trip, and it definitely came in handy. The foldable design makes it easy to store in the trunk of my car, and I was relieved to have it during traffic jams and when there were no restrooms in sight. It’s also perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, and any emergency situations.

Now, let me share my personal experience with this product. I was initially hesitant to buy a portable toilet, but after some research, I’m glad I chose this one. During our 11-day cross-country trip, there were a couple of urgent situations where this toilet saved the day. It was easy to set up, use, and dispose of waste. Overall, I highly recommend this portable potty for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

My Personal Experience with the JISSBON Portable Camping Toilet
I had never used a portable toilet before, so I was a bit apprehensive about this purchase. But, as they say, “better safe than sorry,” I packed it in my car before leaving for our road trip. And, boy was I glad I did. During our long drives and when we stopped at secluded campsites, I didn’t have to worry about finding a decent restroom. This toilet provided a hygienic and convenient option, especially with the disposable trash bags. I also used it as a small stool when sitting around the campfire. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this product and would highly recommend it to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

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