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Hike Crew Advanced Portable Outdoor Camping and Travel Toilet Review – A Must-Have for Comfortable Camping!

Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with the Hike Crew Advanced Portable Outdoor Camping and Travel Toilet! This lightweight and sturdy portable toilet is perfect for camping, boating, RV trips, and more. In this review, we’ll cover all the features of this product and give our final verdict on whether it’s worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– No power or water source required, making it perfect for remote camping
– Sturdy and durable construction with high density polyethylene material
– Super powerful piston flush effectively disposes waste
– Double sealed valve prevents odors from escaping
– Integrated vent releases built-up pressure
– Liquid level indicator for easy disposal

☹️ Cons

– Shallow bowl may be uncomfortable for larger individuals
– Disposal of waste can be unpleasant


Hike Crew Advanced Portable Outdoor Camping and Travel Toilet – Adult Porta Potty w/Level Indicator, Rotating Spout, Pressure Valve, 3-Way Pistol Flush – for RV, Boat or Trailer – 5.3 Gallon (20L)

Brand: Hike Crew Store

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Detailed Review

If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors but doesn’t want to sacrifice modern conveniences, then the Hike Crew Portable Toilet is a must-have for your next adventure. It’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to bring along on all your travels, without the need for a power or water source. And with its high density polyethylene construction, you won’t have to worry about any damage during transportation.

One of the standout features of this portable toilet is its powerful piston flush. This, coupled with the easy twist and lock disposal tube, ensures effective and painless disposal of waste. And with a capacity of up to 50 flushes per tank, you won’t have to constantly worry about emptying it out.

In addition, the double sealed valve keeps any unpleasant odors locked safely inside, so you can enjoy a sanitary and odor-free experience. The integrated vent also releases any built-up pressure, making disposal even easier. And when it’s time to empty the waste, the liquid level indicator will let you know.

Our personal experience with this product has been nothing but positive. It was easy to set up and use, and we were pleasantly surprised by how well it kept odors contained. The flush system was powerful and effective, making it feel like a home toilet. And although the bowl is shallow, we didn’t find it to be uncomfortable.

Overall, we highly recommend the Hike Crew Advanced Portable Outdoor Camping and Travel Toilet for anyone looking to upgrade their camping and outdoor experience. It’s a worthy investment for those who value comfort and convenience during their travels.

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