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Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette Review – Is It Worth Buying?

This is a detailed review of the Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette. We will cover its features, pros and cons, and our overall verdict on whether this product is worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Dual spray function with high and low water jet options.
– Convenient water filling modes with bottle adapter for outdoor use.
– Waterproof and low motor noise for a quiet and efficient flushing experience.
– Comes with a USB charger and rechargeable battery for up to 100 cycles.
– Portable and ideal for personal use, great for travel or for use at home.

☹️ Cons

– Water tank may need to be refilled multiple times for a thorough clean.
– Price may be a little high for a manual bidet.


Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette – Electric Bidet Toilet with USB Cable – Feminine Travel Bidet for Personal Use On The Traveling – Blue Color

Brand: Hibbent Store

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Detailed Review

Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette – A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

The Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette is a small but powerful device that offers a convenient and hygienic way to clean yourself after using the toilet. It is perfect for personal use and can easily be carried while traveling.

One of the standout features of this product is its dual spray function. It offers a high water jet for a stronger flushing experience and a low water jet for a gentler option. This makes it suitable for all individuals, including those with specific needs such as pregnant women, children, or elderly individuals.

The bidet also has two water filling modes, making it easy to connect to a larger volume container for outdoor use. This is especially useful for camping or during long trips where access to a proper bathroom may be limited. Additionally, the bidet is composed of high-quality ABS plastic material, making it waterproof and ensuring a quiet flushing experience.

The portable bidet comes with a USB cable for charging and has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 100 cycles. This means that you can use it for up to 30 days on a single charge. When the red light flashes, it indicates that the bidet is charging, and it stays on when the charging is complete. There is also a low power indicator to remind you when it’s time to recharge.

Our personal experience with the Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette has been quite positive. It is easy to use, and the water pressure is strong enough to get the job done. However, we did find that filling the water tank twice provided a better cleaning experience. So having a nearby sink for refilling may be helpful.

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette for its convenient features, portability, and effectiveness. It may be a bit pricey for a manual bidet, but it is well worth it for the comfort and cleanliness it provides. It is a perfect companion for outdoor activities, travel, and even for everyday use at home.

Our Personal Experience with the Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette

My husband and I recently purchased the Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette to take on our week-long vacation. We have a bidet at home and didn’t want to go without one while traveling. After reading some reviews, we decided to give this bidet a try.

And we’re glad we did! While the experience may not be as good as our home bidet, it worked out well for our trip. The water pressure is decent on high, and we found it helpful to use our hand to spread the cheek for a better cleaning. We did have to refill the water tank twice for a thorough clean, so having a sink nearby was beneficial. Overall, we would recommend this bidet for short-term use, such as vacations or day trips.

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