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GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet Review – An Essential for Outdoor Activities

Are you tired of searching for a restroom while camping or traveling? Look no further, as the GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet is here to make your outdoor adventures hassle-free. This product offers a compact and convenient solution for your natural calls, with its 5.3-gallon waste tank, easy dumping system, and water-saving design. Keep reading for a detailed review and buying guide to see if this portable toilet is worth adding to your outdoor gear.

🙂 Pros

– Ultra-portable and lightweight design, perfect for camping, boating, RV trips, and more
– Separated 2.7-gallon fresh water tank and 5.3-gallon waste tank – no need for frequent refilling or dumping
– Level indicator for easy monitoring of water and waste levels
– Effortless dumping system and easy to rinse
– Made of high-quality materials for durability
– Water-saving and eco-friendly design with the option to connect to a hand-wash station

☹️ Cons

– Small size may not be suitable for large groups or extended trips
– Some users may not prefer the water-saving feature
– Can be difficult to find replacement parts or components


GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet, 5.3 Gallon Waste Tank Camping Porta Potty with Level Indicator & Anti-Leak Water Pump for Outdoor Recreational Activities Boating RV Camping

Brand: GYMAX Store

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Detailed Review

Design and Size

The GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet boasts an ultra-portable design that makes it perfect for outdoor recreational activities. It is compact enough to fit in most vehicles, making it easy to transport wherever you go. The toilet is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making it sturdy enough to support up to 440lbs. This makes it suitable for the whole family to use without worrying about any damage.

Tank Capacity

It comes with a separated 2.7-gallon fresh water tank and a 5.3-gallon waste tank. This means that you will not have to worry about frequently refilling the fresh water or dumping the waste, even on longer trips. The water level indicator is a handy feature that shows when the tank is full (red) and when it is empty (green), providing you with more convenience and preventing any unpleasant surprises.

Easy to Use and Dump

The GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet features an easy-to-use flush pump that quickly flushes away waste and leaves the toilet clean for the next use. The waste spout can be easily rotated out for dumping, saving you time and effort, and keeping your hands clean. You can also use liquid blue stuff to prevent any odor, and when it’s time to empty the waste tank, simply rinse out the bottom with a garden hose for a clean and hassle-free experience.

Eco-Friendly and Water-Saving

The toilet is designed to save water with only 1.7 oz. of water needed for one-time washing. This not only saves water resources but also makes it more convenient for you as you do not have to refill the fresh water tank as often. Additionally, you can connect the toilet to a portable hand-wash station, and the used water will be collected for recycling, making it an environmentally-friendly option.

My Personal Experience

I recently purchased the GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet for a camping trip with my family, and it proved to be a game-changer. It was extremely easy to set up and use, and the tank capacity was sufficient for our family of four for a three-day trip. The dumping system was effortless and hygienic, and we did not experience any odor. It was also lightweight and easy to carry, and we could take it with us on our outdoor activities without any hassle. The only thing I wish it had was a separate compartment for liquid and solid waste, but overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Final Verdict

The GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Its portable and lightweight design, large tank capacity, easy dumping system, and eco-friendly features make it an ideal choice for camping, boating, and RV trips. It may have a few drawbacks, but the pros far outweigh the cons. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free outdoor bathroom solution, this product is definitely worth buying.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the GYMAX Portable Toilet RV Toilet on Amazon, with fast and reliable shipping options. So, why wait? Grab yours today and make your outdoor adventures more convenient and enjoyable!

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