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Giantex Outdoor Wash Sink and Portable Toilet Set Review – A Must-Have for Your Outdoor Adventures

If you’re an avid camper, RV traveler or just love spending time outdoors, the Giantex Outdoor Wash Sink and Portable Toilet Set is a product you don’t want to miss. This all-in-one set provides the convenience and comfort of a standard toilet and wash sink, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its features and overall performance, so you can decide if it’s worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Compact design for easy portability
– Hand-free wash sink operation
– Adult-sized toilet with premium HDPE material and T-type 3 way flush nozzle
– Large capacity tanks for less frequent emptying
– Easy-to-empty waste holding tank with waste level indicator
– Matt surface for easy cleaning without damage

☹️ Cons

– Lid on toilet may be difficult to open and shut when connected to sink
– Flush water pumper can be challenging for younger users
– After a few months of use, the seal may become less effective and produce odors
– Splash back may occur when pulling the dumper handle


Giantex Outdoor Wash Sink and Potable Toilet Set 4.5 Gallon Sink & 5.3 Gallon Toilet, Flush Wastewater Recycled W/Tower Holder, Level Indicator, 3 Way Flush for Camping Portable Sink and RV Toilet

Brand: Giantex Store

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Detailed Review

The Giantex Outdoor Wash Sink and Portable Toilet Set comes with a 4.5 gallon fresh water tank for the sink and a 5.2 gallon waste holding tank for the toilet. This provides an ample supply of water for hand washing and flushing, so you can go longer without needing to refill or empty. The wash sink boasts a hand-free operation, allowing you to pump out water by simply stepping on the foot bump. It also comes with a liquid soap tank and towel rack for added convenience.

While the toilet may be a bit tricky for younger users to operate, it is well-constructed and made of premium HDPE material for durability. The T-type 3 way flush nozzle ensures a full bowl coverage and the piston pump brings high flushing efficiency. However, after a few months of use, the seal may become less effective, producing odors if the lid is not shut properly.

The waste holding tank has a waste level indicator, so you know exactly when to empty it. The no-splash pour spout can be pulled out to quickly and discreetly dispose of the effluent. The matt surface of the toilet conceals marks and allows for easy cleaning without causing damage.

Being able to have access to a toilet and wash sink outdoors can make a huge difference in your overall experience. The Giantex set is perfect for camping trips, RV travels, or even for backyard parties or events. It’s also a useful addition to workshops or outdoor markets.

I personally purchased this set for my own outdoor market stall and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The compact design doesn’t take up too much room in my set-up, and the convenience of having a toilet and wash sink right at my stand saves me time and hassle. The easy-to-empty waste holding tank and detachable waste level indicator make maintenance a breeze.

Overall, I highly recommend the Giantex Outdoor Wash Sink and Portable Toilet Set for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Its compact design, hand-free operation, and large capacity tanks make it a must-have for any outdoor adventure. Just make sure to properly maintain the seal to avoid any unpleasant odors. Trust me, after trying this set, you won’t want to go camping without it.

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