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Flodream Electric Marine Toilet Review – Is It Worth the Investment?

Are you in the market for a new marine or RV toilet? Look no further than the Flodream Electric Marine Toilet. In this review, we will cover all the features and specifications of this product, along with a comprehensive buying guide and my personal experience with it. Let’s find out if this toilet is worth the investment!

🙂 Pros

– Built-in macerator pump for easier waste transfer and no clogging
– Silent flush and discharge with a soft close lid
– Low power consumption, making it ideal for marine use
– Compact design, perfect for small spaces

☹️ Cons

– Design structure may not be suitable for all toilets and may cause drainage issues
– Limited functionalities compared to traditional toilets
– Not suitable for household use


Electric Marine Toilet, RV Toilet, Boat Toilet, Compact Design Bowl, Heavy-Duty Built-in Macerator Pump with On-Off Flush Control Switch, Quite Soft Closing Seat Included, 12V DC

Brand: Brand: Flodream

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Detailed Review

The Flodream Electric Marine Toilet is a top-of-the-line electric toilet designed for the marine industry. It offers the luxury feel of a domestic toilet with a stylish and compact design. The most notable feature of this toilet is its built-in macerator pump, which is a powerful pump that breaks up waste and evacuates the toilet. This eliminates the need for a separate pump, making waste transfer much easier and reducing the chances of clogging.

In addition to the macerator pump, this toilet also has a combined 12V pump for disposal and flushing. This eliminates the need for manual pumping, making the whole process quieter and more efficient. The on-board toilet also comes with a soft close lid, making it more convenient and comfortable to use.

One of the major advantages of the Flodream Electric Marine Toilet is its low power consumption. It consumes very little water and electricity, which is crucial for marine use where resources are limited. This not only makes it eco-friendly but also has little impact on the overall operation of the boat.

When it comes to the design, this toilet has a super compact bowl. It is smaller and lighter than traditional toilets, requiring less space for installation. In fact, it can be mounted up to 1m (3ft) below the waterline. However, one of the major drawbacks of the design is the location of the macerator pump and hoses, which can cause difficulties when installing over a pre-existing toilet discharge hole.

As for my personal experience, I have to say that this toilet has been more of a pain and headache than anything. The design limitations and restrictions have caused numerous issues and made it less user-friendly. While the product description mentions that it is not suitable for household use, I wish this was emphasized more as it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

Overall, the Flodream Electric Marine Toilet is a good investment for those looking for a compact and efficient marine or RV toilet. However, it is important to consider the design limitations and its suitability for your specific toilet setup before making the purchase.

My experience with the Flodream Electric Marine Toilet has been a bittersweet one. When I first purchased it, I was drawn to its compact design and powerful macerator pump. However, once I started the installation process, I realized that the design structure would not work with my existing toilet discharge hole. After some struggle and rearranging, I finally got it installed, but the drainage issues caused by pinching the discharge hose under the heavy motor have been a constant source of frustration. While the toilet itself functions well, the limitations and difficulties with installation have outweighed the convenience it offers. In hindsight, I would have done more research and perhaps opted for a simpler marine toilet option.

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