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Dripex Portable Camping Toilet Review – Is It Worth the Investment?

Are you in need of a portable toilet for your outdoor adventures? Look no further than the Dripex Portable Camping Toilet! In this review, we’ll delve into the features of this product and give you our honest verdict on its performance. Read on to find out if this portable toilet is worth buying.

🙂 Pros

+ Large 20L/5.3 gallon capacity
+ Removable handle for easy carrying and emptying
+ Waste level indicator for convenience
+ Double sealed drain valve prevents leakage and odour
+ Sturdy and easy to clean

☹️ Cons

– No built-in toilet roll holder
– May have residual water from factory testing


Dripex Portable Camping Toilet – 20L /5.3 Gallon Handle Removable Handle Toilet with Flush for RV, Boating, Outdoor Camping Hiking, Travel Caravan, Road Trips

Brand: Dripex Store

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Detailed Review

The Dripex Portable Camping Toilet is a reliable and convenient solution for outdoor bathroom needs. Made of high-density polyethylene, it can hold up to 20L/5.3 gallons of waste and has a 2 gallon fresh-water tank for flushing. This means you can flush at least 50 times before needing to refill the tank. What’s great about this toilet is that it does not require external water or power connection to operate, making it ideal for camping or road trips.

One of the standout features of this camping toilet is its removable lid and carry handle. This makes it easy to transport and empty when it’s full. The waste level indicator is also a handy tool to have, allowing you to see when it’s time to empty the tank. And with its double sealed drain valve, you can say goodbye to any leaks or unpleasant smells.

Overall, the Dripex Portable Camping Toilet is well-made and easy to clean. Its two water tanks are connected with latches on both sides, making dismantling a breeze. However, one minor downside is the lack of a toilet roll holder, which may be a bit inconvenient for some users. Additionally, while the residual water from factory testing is nothing to be concerned about, it’s worth noting.

If you’re looking for a portable toilet that can handle your outdoor needs, the Dripex Portable Camping Toilet is a solid choice. Its durable construction, large capacity, and convenient features make it a must-have for camping, boating, hunting, and more.

To get the most out of your purchase, we recommend regularly emptying and cleaning the toilet to avoid any build-up or odours. You may also want to consider purchasing a separate toilet roll holder to use with this product.

My experience with the Dripex Portable Camping Toilet has been great so far. I take it with me on every camping trip and it has not let me down. The waste level indicator is really helpful in knowing when it’s time to empty the tank. It’s also very easy to use and clean. I only wish it had a toilet roll holder attached to it. Nonetheless, it’s a great investment for anyone in need of a reliable and portable toilet for their outdoor adventures.

A Reliable and Convenient Solution for Outdoor Bathrooms
I recently went on a camping trip with my family and brought along the Dripex Portable Camping Toilet. It was a lifesaver! We were able to use it for days without having to worry about emptying or refilling the tank. The removable handle made it easy to carry and the waste level indicator kept us informed. I highly recommend this product for anyone in need of a portable toilet for their outdoor activities.

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