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Detailed Review: Upflush Toilet for Basement – Is It Worth the Investment?

This is a comprehensive review of the Upflush Toilet for Basement, a powerful and noise-reducing macerating toilet system that is perfect for any basement bathroom. We will cover its features, pros and cons, and give our final verdict on whether this product is worth buying.

🙂 Pros

– Wide applicability for waste from toilet, sink, bathtub, and optional connection for washing machine
– Noise reduction technology with a low operating sound of 45-50 dB
– Easy installation without damaging floors, walls, or water pipes
– Reliable customer service for any concerns or issues
– Optional AC outlet for ventilation to reduce odors

☹️ Cons

– May require help from a licensed plumber for installation
– Made in China, which may be a concern for some buyers


Upflush Toilet for Basement | 600W Macerator Pump & AC Vent | Upflow Toilet System for Macerating Toilet, Bathroom sink & Tub Waste, Silent & Powerful Macerating Toilet System : Toilet & Toilet Pump

Brand: Simple Project Store

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Detailed Review


The Upflush Toilet for Basement from Simple Project is a highly versatile macerating toilet system that is designed to handle waste from toilet, sink, and bathtub. With its powerful crushing ability and optional connection for washing machines, this toilet pump is a great choice for any basement bathroom. It also features noise reduction technology and easy installation, making it a convenient and efficient option.


The 600W macerator pump in this toilet system has a powerful engine and reamer that can effectively treat bathroom waste. This ensures that your basement bathroom remains clean and odor-free. The noise reduction technology also makes it run at a low operating sound, similar to a conversation in the office, making it perfect for residential use.


The Upflush Toilet for Basement is designed for easy installation without any large-scale construction or damage to your floors, walls, or water pipes. However, we do recommend seeking help from a licensed plumber to ensure proper installation. The included two-piece toilet is also easy to install and provides a comfortable and sturdy seat.


This macerating toilet system boasts a sleek and modern design in white, making it suitable for any bathroom décor. The AC vent outlet is also optional, allowing you to connect the system to your existing ventilation for improved odor control.

Customer Service

Simple Project takes pride in its reliable customer service, with a team ready to assist with any concerns or issues you may have. They are committed to providing excellent after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Upflush Toilet for Basement from Simple Project is a highly efficient and versatile macerating toilet system that is worth the investment. Its wide applicability, noise reduction technology, and easy installation make it a great choice for any basement bathroom, while the optional AC outlet and reliable customer service are added bonuses.

Personal Experience

After struggling with a poorly functioning basement bathroom, I decided to invest in the Upflush Toilet for Basement. The installation process was easy, and I was impressed by its powerful performance and quiet operation. I no longer have to worry about unpleasant odors, and the customer service team was very helpful and responsive. I highly recommend this product for any basement bathroom needs.

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