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Cosvalve Smart Toilet Review – Is it Worth Buying?

The Cosvalve Smart Toilet is a top-of-the-line toilet with impressive features such as a heated seat, foot sensor flush, and power outage flushing. In this review, we will delve into the pros and cons of the product and provide you with a comprehensive buying guide. Find out if this smart toilet is worth investing in.

🙂 Pros

– Heated seat provides optimal comfort during colder weather
– Powerful flush with minimal water consumption
– Foot sensor flush for hands-free convenience
– Soft night light for added safety and convenience
– Power outage flushing with built-in battery for added peace of mind

☹️ Cons

– Sensitive kick flushing may take some getting used to
– Difficult to turn off heated seat feature during summer months
– Remote control not included
– Lack of manual for temperature and water flow adjustments


Cosvalve Smart Toilet, Heated Seat, Foot Sensor Flush, Automatic Powerful Flush, Tankless Toilet without Bidet, Knob Control White Night Light, Power Outage Flushing

Brand: COSVALVE Store

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Detailed Review

My Personal Experience with the Cosvalve Smart Toilet

As someone who loves incorporating smart technology into my home, I was excited to try out the Cosvalve Smart Toilet. I must say, I was not disappointed. The toilet gives an elegant and modern touch to my bathroom and has definitely upgraded my overall bathroom experience.

Seat Warm and Comfortable

The heated seat is definitely a game-changer, especially during colder weather. It is heated to the perfect temperature of 37 degrees, providing optimal comfort and eliminating the discomfort of sitting on a cold seat.

Powerful Flush Toilet

The advanced ceramics technology used in this toilet makes cleaning the bowl a breeze. With a powerful flush, it only uses a minimal amount of water, making it more eco-friendly.

Foot Sensor Flush

The foot sensor flush is a convenient feature that allows for hands-free flushing. It adds a touch of ease to everyday bathroom use.

Soft Night Light

The white LED night light is a great safety feature, especially during nighttime bathroom trips. It is activated through the Knob control and provides a pleasant and subtle light.

Power Outage Flushing

As someone who worries about power outages, this feature gives me peace of mind. With a built-in battery, the toilet can still flush approximately 2300 times during a power outage.

Final Verdict

The Cosvalve Smart Toilet is definitely worth buying for its modern and sleek design, advanced features, and added convenience. However, it does have some minor drawbacks such as the sensitive kick flushing and lack of remote control and manual. Overall, I highly recommend this smart toilet for those looking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

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