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CKE Upgraded Portable Toilet Review – Is It Worth It?

The CKE Upgraded Portable Toilet is a versatile and convenient option for anyone in need of a portable toilet. In this review, we will cover all the features and advantages of this product, as well as any potential drawbacks. Read on to find out if this product is worth your investment.

🙂 Pros

  • Soft and comfortable sponge seat for long-lasting support
  • Lightweight and easy to fold for portability
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Comes with complete kit including disposable bags and urinal funnel
  • Two-year satisfaction guarantee

☹️ Cons

  • Bucket size is not specified in the product description
  • May not be suitable for use with a 5-gallon bucket


CKE Upgraded Portable Toilet for Camping, Portable Camping Toilet Folding Toilet with Soft Seat, Stainless Steel Portable Foldable Toilet for Car Camping Travel Toilet, Over 350 LBS Weight Capacity

Brand: Brand: CKE

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Detailed Review

I purchased the CKE Upgraded Portable Toilet for a recent camping trip and it proved to be a reliable and convenient option. The soft and padded seat was surprisingly comfortable and provided strong support, even for my weight of over 350 lbs. The stainless steel frame also felt sturdy and durable.

The one-second folding design was a game-changer, allowing me to easily pack and store the toilet in my car’s storage compartment. It is also lightweight, making it ideal for camping, long car trips, or any outdoor adventure. The compact size also makes it suitable for various ages, with its perfect ergonomic chair height.

Cleaning the toilet was also a breeze as the waterproof PVC leather surface can simply be rinsed with water or wiped with a paper or rag. The addition of the disposable bags and urinal funnel in the kit was also greatly appreciated, providing a more sanitary and private option for women in emergency situations.

However, I did face one problem with this product – the bucket size. While the disposable bags provided are suitable for a 5-gallon bucket, the product itself does not specify a specific bucket size and may not be suitable for use with a 5-gallon bucket. It is recommended to use a smaller 10qt bucket, which may not be as convenient for some users.

My personal experience:

Overall, my experience with the CKE Upgraded Portable Toilet was positive. It served its purpose well and was a convenient and comfortable option for our camping trip. I did have to adjust my expectations regarding the bucket size, but it did not greatly impact my overall satisfaction with the product. I would recommend this product for anyone in need of a compact and portable toilet option.

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