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BLIKA U Shaped Portable Toilet Review – Is It Worth Buying?

This review is for the BLIKA U Shaped Portable Toilet for Camping, a durable and convenient option for those in need of a portable toilet while on the go. With its U-shaped seat design and stainless steel frame, this product is perfect for all ages and can be used in a variety of settings. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of this product and whether it is worth purchasing.

🙂 Pros

– The U-shaped seat design provides hygiene and comfort for both men and women
– The stainless steel frame can support up to 400 pounds and is rust-resistant
– It is portable and easy to carry, making it perfect for camping, outdoor activities, and emergencies
– It has a multi-functional design, serving as a toilet, chair, trash can, and more
– Assembling and folding the product is quick and easy

☹️ Cons

– The carrying bag may have quality issues and is too small to close with the product inside
– Some customers have mentioned that the bag needs to be taller for easier storage


BLIKA U Shaped Portable Toilet for Camping, 400LBS Weight Capacity Folding Toilet, Truck Portable, Stainless Steel Seat, Men

Brand: BLIKA Store

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Detailed Review

The BLIKA U Shaped Portable Toilet is a versatile and useful product for those who frequently travel, camp, or spend time outdoors. Its unique U-shaped seat design not only provides a comfortable sitting experience for both men and women, but also promotes hygiene by reducing the chances of touching a previously used seat. This feature has been patented and proves to be a game-changer for portable toilets.

In addition, the stainless steel frame of the toilet is sturdy and can easily support up to 400 pounds. This makes it suitable for individuals of all ages, including the elderly. The seat itself is made of a combination of high-quality ABS plastic, which is not only durable but also washable, anti-slip, and wear-resistant. This ensures that the product can withstand rough usage and last for a long time.

One of the most convenient aspects of this portable toilet is its size. After assembly, it measures 16.9″x14.5″x14.5″, which is the perfect height for comfortable sitting. When folded, it becomes even more compact with dimensions of 22″x14.5″x6.3″. This makes it easy to carry and store in your car, home, garage, boat, camper, or trailer. And with its lightweight design, you won’t even feel like you’re carrying a toilet with you.

The BLIKA U Shaped Portable Toilet has multiple uses, making it a great investment for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be used as a toilet, chair, trash can, small stool, and more. This versatility makes it a valuable addition to any camping or emergency kit. Even if you’re not an outdoor person, it can still come in handy when you’re stuck in a traffic jam or on a long road trip with no rest stops in sight.

As for my personal experience with the product, I have found it to be a convenient and sturdy option for my outdoor adventures. The assembly is quick and hassle-free, and I have not faced any issues with the product so far. The only minor complaint I have is with the carrying bag. While it’s great to have a bag included with the product, I have noticed some quality issues with it. Some areas were not properly stitched, but it hasn’t affected the overall functionality of the bag. My only suggestion would be for the bag to be slightly taller to make it easier to close with the product inside.

In conclusion, the BLIKA U Shaped Portable Toilet is definitely worth considering for your next camping trip or outdoor excursion. Its durable frame, comfortable seat, and versatility make it a top choice in the market. While there are some minor improvements that can be made, overall, this product delivers on its promises and provides a convenient solution for on-the-go bathroom breaks.

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