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Beech Lane Toilet Water Valve Kit Review – A Game Changer for Thetford Aqua Magic IV Toilets?

Welcome to my review of the Beech Lane Patented Upgraded Toilet Water Valve Kit for Thetford Aqua Magic IV Toilets. If you’re tired of constantly replacing your Thetford Magic IV toilet valve every year or dealing with freezing and leaking issues, then this review is for you. In this review, we’ll be discussing the features, pros and cons, and my personal experience with this upgraded valve kit. So, let’s dive in!

🙂 Pros

– Upgraded materials and construction for improved function and lifespan
– Designed to perform in freezing conditions with a proprietary polymer blend
– Easy installation with all necessary hardware included
– Comes with a new wax ring for a complete replacement
– Covered under a manufacturer lifetime warranty

☹️ Cons

– Higher price compared to other replacement valve kits
– Some users may still experience freezing and leaking issues


Beech Lane Patented Upgraded Toilet Water Valve Kit For Thetford Aqua Magic IV Toilets, Replaces Part 13168, Higher Performance In Freezing Conditions, Improved Valve Lifespan,

Brand: Beech Lane Store

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Detailed Review

About the Product

The Beech Lane Patented Upgraded Toilet Water Valve Kit is designed to replace the Thetford Magic IV toilet valve, part number 13168. This kit is suitable for both high and low models of the Thetford Aqua Magic IV toilets. With upgraded materials and construction, this valve is built to last longer and perform better in freezing conditions. The package includes all the necessary hardware and instructions for an easy installation.

Improved Performance and Lifespan

One of the key features of this valve is its proprietary polymer blend construction, which makes it resistant to freezing. The ultrasonic welding on vulnerable seams also adds extra durability, making the valve last longer. With this upgraded valve, you can go longer without having to replace and go through the hassle of taking apart your toilet every year.

Easy Installation and Manufacturer Warranty

The Beech Lane replacement valve kit comes with all the necessary hardware needed for installation. It also includes a new wax ring, making it a complete replacement. The parts are designed to fit perfectly and function like the OEM valve. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, ensuring a hassle-free replacement in case the valve fails, cracks, or leaks.

My Experience with the Beech Lane Toilet Water Valve Kit

I recently replaced my Thetford Magic IV toilet valve with this Beech Lane upgraded valve, and I must say, it made a significant difference. My old valve was constantly leaking and spraying like a jet when flushed. But with this new valve, the toilet is now functioning smoothly and without any leaks. The installation was easy, thanks to the included instructions, and I haven’t faced any issues since.

Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their Thetford Magic IV toilet valve.

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