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72HRS Portable Collapsible Toilet for Camping – A Must-Have for Outdoor Adventures!

If you love spending time outdoors but hate the inconvenience of finding a toilet, the 72HRS Portable Collapsible Toilet for Camping is the perfect solution for you. In this review, we will cover everything from its features to our personal experience with this product and give our final verdict.

🙂 Pros

– Super large size for a comfortable and relaxed sitting experience
– Humanity design with drop-shaped toilet seat for comfort
– Foldable and portable for easy transportation
– Sturdy and easy to set up on stable ground
– Multi-purpose usage as a storage, seat, trash can, and more

☹️ Cons

– May require additional toilet bags for extended use
– Bags are non-biodegradable


72HRS Portable Collapsible Toilet for Camping, 15.8″ Extra Large Camping Toilets Portable Potty, Lightweight and Sturdy, Camp Toilet (With 12 Toilet Bags & 10 Toilet Powers)

Brand: Brand: 72 HRS

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Detailed Review

The 72HRS Portable Collapsible Toilet is the perfect addition to your outdoor adventure gear. Its extra large size, standing at 15.8 inches, ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience compared to other portable toilets in the market. The newly designed drop-shaped toilet seat provides more room and comfort, making it feel like your home toilet.

One of the best things about this toilet is its portability. It can easily fold down to just 2.8 inches in height, making it easy to carry and store. Whether you’re on a camping trip, picnic, fishing, or even at home in case of emergencies, this toilet is the perfect solution for all your outdoor bathroom needs.

Made of waterproof ABS plastic, this toilet is sturdy and can hold up to 400 lbs on stable ground. It is also easy to set up and take down within seconds. However, it is advisable to ensure that the ground is stable before sitting on it.

One of the most practical features of this portable toilet is its multi-purpose usage. It can be used as a travel, car, or camping toilet, but also as a storage and seat combination, trash can, small stool, storage box, indoor toilet for the elderly, and even a vomiting bucket for pregnant women.

The product also comes with 12 toilet bags, measuring 23 inches x 26 inches, which are designed to fit 5-8 gallon bucket toilet seats. These bags are perfect for hassle-free waste disposal during camping, road trips, hiking, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Apart from its usability during outdoor adventures, this portable toilet can also come in handy at home for various purposes. We, personally, used it during a road trip and found it to be a great alternative to public restrooms. It was also convenient to have it in our camper, as we did not have a toilet in it. The only downside we faced was that the provided bags are non-biodegradable, so we had to find an alternative solution for eco-friendly disposal.

In conclusion, the 72HRS Portable Collapsible Toilet for Camping is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts. With its convenience, comfort, and practicality, it is worth investing in for all your outdoor adventures. Now you can enjoy your camping trips, picnics, or any other outdoor activity without worrying about finding a toilet.

My Personal Experience: A Life-Saver During Outdoor Adventures!

I recently went on a camping trip with my family, and this portable toilet proved to be a life-saver for us. We used it not only for going to the bathroom, but also as a seat and storage option. The extra large size and comfortable seat made it feel like we were using a regular toilet. It was also easy to set up and take down, making it hassle-free to use. The only inconvenience we faced was running out of the provided bags and having to find an alternative solution. Overall, it made our camping experience much more convenient and we highly recommend it to all outdoor enthusiasts.

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